Nick Thoman, US Olympic Trials Preview

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  1. Jean Michel says:

    I don’t know how was Lacourt when he was in those trials ! surely enough , he had time to prepare the Olympics ….he will be ready ! My pick is Thoman and Plummer also ! Grevers did some great 100 back in meets ; so he can be there on top gear power ….. exciting race with no doubt ! Usa medley relay has anyway great backstrokers for the leading ….Usa must be winning that medley relay as well .

  2. Nostradamus says:

    The only guy I could see breaking the WR is Lacourt, and that’s just based off his 52.low. He hasn’t shown the same speed this year though. Bobo, or Jean, do you know if he was fully rested for French trials? I’m really pulling for Plummer and Thoman to make the team. However, Grevers does have the best textile swim out of the three (52.7 from Ultraswim 2010 right?).

    My predictions: Plummer 52.8, Thoman 53.00, Grevers 53.1.

    Big question is, can the two guys from USA challenge for a gold? Irie is more of a 200 guy, but he has grabbed major medals in the 100 at international meets. Lacourt is my pick for gold. Too bad the French have stupid qualifications standards, it’d be great to see Stasulius in the race too.

    • Kirt says:

      Grevers Plummer and Thoman all have textile bests between 53.01 and 53.05, so going off of that it’s up in the air. I think a lot of people have very high expectations for Grevers, but he hasn’t really delivered in the past two years. Also, you can’t blame the French standards for Stravius (I assume you mean Stravius, not Stasiulis) for not qualifying; it was top two go and he got third.

      As far as the Olympics, if Lacourt is focused, he wins. Last year he spent a lot of time on endorsements, and couldn’t match his nationals time at worlds. He was slower at trials this year, but still faster than 2010 when he went 52.11. Also don’t count out Liam Tancock, who has a textile best of 52.85, just .02 off Irie, and will have the home crowd.

  3. ArtVanDeLegh10 says:

    I doubt the WR will go down.

  4. Jean Michel says:

    The french must be carefull here with the 2 best Us backstrokers ! I feel Nick will be on top of the game …..and threat anyone else in London .

  5. Jean Michel says:

    I love Nick ! I wish him good luck ! on 100 back , there is Nick , Matt Grevers and David Plummer …….who else ?

    • Young guns–Conger, Murphy, Pebley–are also in the hunt. Young talent always pops at US Olympic Trials. True, it’s usually among the female ranks, but young guys do as well.

      • Nostradamus says:

        The young guys are great, but they won’t crack the top 4… If those guys can get into the 54.low range, that’d be absolutely awesome for USA 2016.

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