NBAC Swimmer Dies After Being Rushed to Hospital During Practice

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 5

November 03rd, 2012 Club, News

A high school swimmer for the North Baltimore Aquatic Club, the same one represented by Bob Bowman and Michael Phelps up until his recent retirement, passed away this week. Though details are sparse, according to the Baltimore Sun, an emergency call was made from the Meadowbrook Aquatic Center last Sunday morning, where a lifeguard was found administering CPR on deck to 14-year old swimmer Louis Lowenthal.

The next status update came that evening, where at request of his parents the club informed its members that Lowenthal was in a coma.

The Baltimore Sun then confirmed with the hospital on Thursday that Lowenthal had, in fact, passed away.

The Meadowbrook site of North Baltimore’s system is the same one that Phelps trained at.

Lowenthal was a promising young breaststroker for the Baltimore-based club; he had already been a 1:05 in the 100 yard breaststroke before beginning his freshman year of high school. By all accounts, though, his talents outside of the pool might have been even more impressive. Last year, as an 8th grader, he wrote a memoir of his life called “Strokes to Span a Lifetime” that won 1st-prize in a County-wide essay contest in the Nonfiction category.

His former Middle School Principal Kelly Erdman even went so far as to call him “brilliant”. Lowenthal was so advanced that even as an 8th-grader, he took a math class at Towson High School because it wasn’t offered at the Middle School level. This was a loss not only to the swimming community, but the entire Baltimore community.

Thoughts go out to the NBAC family, as this is the second young athlete they’ve lost this year. Another high school student Alec Cosgarea passed away in a car accident in July.

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A lifeguard had to be summoned – Is that a policy breakdown or what?

Chest Rockwell

I Googled your screen name just for shits and grins, and your blog came back as the top result. The first headline couldn’t be more sensationalist if you tried, the second post is about the Olympics over 4 years ago and the following post is about Thorpe’s sexual orientation. I know these posts are serious so I’ll just point out the obvious and say that you are the biggest swimming troll on the internet, which is really saying something given the laundry list of idiots over at

A child died, you speculate on the details to draw attention to your blog. For shame.


this site and it’s articles (where applicable) can produce appropriate cynicism towards the sport, but this is absolutely not the time or article for it. I don’t know him, his family, or anyone associated with the club, but my thoughts and sympathies are with them.


Not trying to start an argument here but I find SCAQ TONYs comment to be completely inappropriate. The article is about mourning the loss of a child not about questioning a facilities policies. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and the NBAC community….

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