NAG Record Holder and SwimSwam’s #3 Zoe Bartel Verbals to Stanford

Stanford is compiling an insanely talented class of 2022, and they’ve added Fort Collins Area Swim Team’s Zoe Bartel per her Instagram announcement tonight. Bartel earned gold medals in the 100 and 200 meter breaststroke events at the 2016 Jr Pan Pacs, and she broke Caitlin Leverenz’s 15-16 NAG record in the 200y breast in December of 2016. Last summer, she also made semifinals at Olympic Trials in the 200m breast.

Bartel is the fastest 100y and 200y breaststroker in the entire high school class of 2018. Representing Fossil Ridge High School at the 2017 Colorado Girls 5A State Champs in February, Bartel won the 100 breast and 200 IM, setting the overall state record in the former. Most recently, at the 2017 Worlds Trials last week, Bartel finished 8th in the 100 breast and 9th in the 200 breast as well as 17th in the 200 IM.


  • 100y breast 59.04
  • 200y breast 2:07.73
  • 100y back 53.42
  • 200y IM 1:58.27
  • 100m breast 1:07.82
  • 200m breast 2:25.46
  • 100m back 1:02.88
  • 200m IM 2:15.37

Bartel, along with SwimSwam’s #9 Allie Raab and incoming freshman Grace Zhao, will help turn Stanford into one of the strongest breaststroke epicenters of the NCAA.

After Sarah Haase’s graduation from the Cardinal program, Kim Williams, who was primarily an IM’er in high school, devoted full efforts to her breaststroke this past year as a sophomore. She was their only high-impact breaststroker during the 2016-17 season. Williams, with a personal best of 1:00.05 in the 100, performed above and beyond at NCAA’s, turning in a 58.51 relay split on Stanford‘s national title-earning 400 medley relay and scoring in the 200 breast B final.

Though Williams rose to the challenge this year and helped Stanford plug their breaststroke roster gap, Bartel is going to be a welcome addition in Palo Alto. Her yards bests would’ve been the fastest by any Stanford swimmer in the 2016-17 season as well as any incoming freshman for the Cardinal in 2017-18. Additionally, she would’ve made the 100 breast A final and 200 breast B final at the 2017 NCAA Champs with her lifetime bests.

Bartel is also, intriguingly, a very good backstroker (she’s also a 1:56 in the 200) and a great IM’er. It’s doubtful that Stanford will need any IM talent based on their IM group the next two years, but she does have the potential to swim secondary events if needed.

If you have a commitment to report, please send an email with a photo (landscape, or horizontal, looks best) and a quote to [email protected].

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It would be fascinating to know how Stanford slices and dices the 14 scholarships. It’s an unbelievable roster


Stanford is very generous with scholarships, as long as a family makes 150k or less the university probably is paying for most of the tuition without a swim scholarship

Brian M

exactly. Tuition is 100% covered if household income is $125k or less.


How can anyone think this is fair? Essentially, if you come from a family where both parents work, you are not eligible for the “endowment program” because your parents make too much. And do you really think ALL the eligible swimmers are given the same endowment offers, or just those from the swimswam top 20?


My spouse and I work 40 – 60 hours per week and we don’t make $125,000/year.


I do think “think ALL the eligible swimmers are given the same endowment offers” because this extends well beyond swimming and athletics. If your family has an income less than $125K, you may go to Stanford tuition free- athlete or non-athlete.

FWIW, has an average cost of $14,599 as the average annual cost at Stanford (not sure how they come to that number) and it is less than many large-state schools.


It’s called financial aid! Athletic scholarships are given based on merit (and Stanford Women have 14 just like anyone else), financial aid is given based on how much money your parents can afford to pay. Do you really think financial aid is a bad thing? Letting poor people have the chance to go to incredible schools? Listen to what you’re saying! You’re basically saying “why can’t rich families also receive financial aid?” It’s ridiculous


Most families with two parents working make far less than 125k


Because it’s called a need based scholarship. If you are wealthy and don’t piss your money away you are assumed to be able to pay for some of college.


I believe it is on a sliding scale, if I recall, so $125k, but those who make a bit more also receive some funding.


Now all they need is Ruck and the Cardinal domination will be assured for another couple years.


Ruck would be terrific. We need someone to replace Hu and Howe in backstroke. But do we know whether Stanford is recruiting her and if she is admitted already?


Just heard she was at Junior day this past year. Don’t know where she stands with admissions.


Welcome to then Farm, Zoe!!!

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