Mitch Ivey Now in 30 Day Appeal Period with Ban-For-Life Pending

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 8

November 25th, 2013 National, News

Mitch Ivey, an Olympic medalist at the 1968 and 1972 Summer Olympic Games and a former coach at the University of Florida, has been handed a lifetime ban from USA Swimming, with his 30 day appeal period set to expire just before Christmas, on December 21st.

Allegations against Ivey that he had a relationship with a minor swimmer were first made in the early 1990’s, but USA Swimming says that during an investigation into the matter in 2011, they failed to find enough evidence to proceed with a ban against Ivy.

The call for action against Ivey was renewed earlier this year when Suzette Moran spoke to our Ceci Christy specifically about what she alleged to have happened between her and Ivey.

We will have more details about this case, and what might have changed in this USA Swimming investigation, once the appeal period, and corresponding confidentiality agreements, expire. Ivey did not participate in the initial hearing, and as such no appeal is expected, but he is still entitled to his 30 days to consider that decision.

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FL LSC Swammer

What a timeline, this topic was discussed back in the mid 90’s on deck as if everyone new, “did you hear what Coach Ivey was doing”.

M Palota

Worst kept secret in swimming. Mitch Ivey’s history of pursuing the teen-aged girls he coached has been well known for years & years. We used to joke about back when I swam and that was back in the early 1980’s!

When I think about the damage this guy has done, my heart breaks.


Is Suzette Moran related to Noel Moran? Noel Moran was the 15 year old swimmer who got pregnant by Ivey, and had an abortion, back in the 70’s, then ended up marrying him briefly two years later at age 17, when Ivey was 33. The marriage ended 6 months later when she caught him with another 17 year old female swimmer. She committed suicide in 2009.


From what I’ve read the two are not related. It’s about time this happened. Can anyone explain why “christian” schools like Trinity Prep (Orlando) and Episcopal (Jacksonville) allowed a man with his well documented reputation to coach their HS girls?!

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