Missy Franklin Back in the Pool After Double Shoulder Surgery

Missy Franklin‘s career has been marred by adversity these last several years. In 2014, it was back spasms that kept her from performing to her full potential, and she continued to struggle in the years that followed. The once-bubbly teenager, who took the world by storm and set the world record in the 200 back in 2012, was not the same.

Franklin faced ultimate disappointment this past summer, looking sluggish at the Olympic Trials. She was only able to qualify for Rio individually in two events, the 200 free and 200 back, and also qualified to swim the 800 free relay. Franklin watched on in the 800 free relay finals after a lackluster prelims swim that left her off the 800 free final at night. The Americans would go on to win gold in that race, while Franklin stumbled and was unable to make the Olympic finals of either of her individual events.

Franklin hasn’t raced since Rio, and she’s been quiet since opening up about her disappointment from last summer. Still, she is back in the pool. According to a tweet posted by her today, she underwent surgery earlier this year on both her shoulders for bursitis after a January MRI. This surgery removed excess scar tissue that had built up in her shoulder, and now, according to “Doctor and Coach’s orders,” she’s taking it easy.

Franklin mentions that she is still back in the pool “in limited training” but won’t be racing quite so soon. She’s determined to bounce back, although her return to competition is unknown yet. View her tweet, with the full announcement, below.

Franklin also made a longer caption on her Facebook page with the same announcement. She thanks her fans for supporting her, and gives a special shoutout to her “Bear Bros and phenomenal coaches,” referring to her training group at the Cal. Additionally, she alludes to more swimming statements to be made in the future: “I’m so far from being done with this sport.”

This essentially says it all… but I would really like to reiterate how this is what's best for me to come back…

Posted by Missy Franklin on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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In case anyone had any doubts or had forgotten, Missy still loves everyone. She loves everyone because they love her. She’s so grateful for all the love.

Maybe all the loving thoughts will heal her shoulders (and her confidence) and she will get the Missy Mojo back.

Everyone loves a happy ending, right?


The happy ending is usually when an athlete retires on top. I certainly wish Missy a miraculous recovery and that her swimming career be fulfilling. I also hope she is not expecting very much in terms of being competitive with the best in the world. Her time is past.


Why is it only a happy ending when an athlete retires on top? The happy ending is when they retire when they WANT to retire. When Tom Brady was asked when he would retire he said, “When I suck”. If that’s what he wants good for him.


Yes, her interviews tend to be a little overly sweet and syrupy, but come on……she’s a phenomenal athlete and seems like a genuinely nice person. Hope to see her back to full potential soon.

Lane Four

How does Mark’s posting merit 34 thumbs down? I cease to be amazed at the amount of haters online. Shaking head slowly.

Scott Morgan

I sensed a tone of hating and irony in Mark’s post. I think some others sensed this as well.


Only in America are six medals (five gold, one bronze) in two Olympic Games considered by some naysayers a disappointing underachievement! Here’s wishing Missy Franklin recovery in every way that heals her!

samuel huntington

failing to final in her two events at Rio was a disappointing underachievement. people tend to only remember what’s recent, so her London performance is basically forgotten

Pau Hana

I don’t think anyone considers her career to be an underachievement. Many people, including Missy herself, consider Rio to be a disappointment. And I can’t imagine there isn’t anyone who doesn’t want to see her back on top again.


I think people are referring to her Rio performance. Of course if you add her London medals it’s not an underachieving but no one is trying to say that..


It depends on the potential of the particular athlete whether it is disappointing or not.


All my best for a swift recovery for Missy.


Who puts a thumbs down on a comment wishing someone a recovery from an injury?


Top three U.S. women’s backstrokers maybe?

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