Miley and Willmott Post the World’s Top Two Times in the 400 IM

The first event of the evening on the final night of the British Championships was the most exciting as Hannah Miley and Aimee Willmott posted the top two times in the world in the women’s 400 IM. Miley led the race from start to finish winning the event in a time of 4:32.16. This is an extremely strong swim for Miley who has a lifetime best of 4:31.33, which she posted in 2009.

Willmott, who came into the event with the world’s top time of 4:35.74 recorded a time of 4:33.66. This was also an impressive swim for Willmott whose lifetime best is a 4:33.01.

Miley and Willmott told gold and silver in the event last summer at the Commonwealth Games.

2014-2015 LCM Women 400 IM

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Rosie Rudin finished third in a time of 4:41.76.

Men’s 200 freestyle

The men’s 200 freestyle was a tight battle between James Guy and Robbie Renwick. Guy did led the race from start to finish, but by the 150 meter mark Renwick had closed the gap between the two to 34 one-hundredths of a second.

Guy was able to hang onto the lead while Renwick was just able to hold off a fast charging Callum Jarvis. Guy won the event in a time of 1:46.32 followed by Renwick who posted a 1:46.64 and Jarvis who hit the wall in a 1:46.65.

  • Guy – 24.75/51.93 (27.18)/1:19.38 (27.45)/1:46.32 (26.94)
  • Renwick – 25.31/52.33 (27.02)/1:19.72 (27.39)/1:46.64 (26.92)
  • Jarvis – 25.13/52.85 (27.72)/1:20.22 (27.17)/1:46.65 (26.43)

Guy now sits in the seventh place position in the world rankings while Renwick and Jarvis put themselves ninth and 10th.

Women’s 200 freestyle

Commonwealth Games silver medalist Siobhan-Marie O’Connor had almost a second and a half lead over Jaz Carlin at the halfway mark of the women’s 200 freestyle. O’Connor still had a second lead heading into the final 50 meters, but that is when Carlin took control of the race. Carlin out swam O’Connor by almost a second and a half on the final lap of the race eventually winning the event in a time of 1:56.88 which ranks seventh in the world.

O’Connor finished second in a time of 1:57.24.

  • Carlin – 28.07/57.94 (29.87)/1:27.73 (29.79)/1:56.88 (29.15)
  • O’Connor – 27.06/56.48 (29.42)/1:26.74 (30.26)/1:57.24 (30.50)

The time is a lifetime best for Carlin whose previous best was a 1:57.26 which she recorded at the Commonwealth Games.

Eleanor Faulkner finished third in a time of 1:58.29.

Women’s 200 backstroke

Elizabeth Simmonds won the women’s 200 backstroke with ease posting a time of 2:08.38 over three seconds faster than Georgia Hohman who placed second in a time of 2:11.78. Simmonds was just off her season’s best of 2:08.32 which she posted at the Edinburgh International in March.

Jessica Fullalove finished third in a time of 2:12.36.

Men’s 100 butterfly

Thomas Laxton took the event in a time of 52.40. He was followed by Braxston Timm who posted a 52.72 and Adam Barrett who recorded a 52.74.

Full results can be found here.


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6 years ago

Disappointing from Barrett, though hopefully he will be selected as a wild card.

Our men’s 4x200m looks good though.

bobo gigi
6 years ago

Impressed by the depth of the men’s 200 free.
1. James Guy in 1.46.32
2. Robert Renwick in 1.46.64
3. Calum Jarvis in 1.46.65
4. Nicholas Grainger in 1.47.10
5. Stephen Milne in 1.47.76
6. Duncan Scott in 1.48.33
7. Daniel Wallace in 1.48.56
8. Lewis Coleman in 1.52.46
No big star but 7 guys in 1.48 or better. Pretty impressive.

By the way, what happened to Barrett in the 100 fly? He’s the best British butterflyer on paper and finished only 3rd in 52.74. Very far from his PB of 51.80. I don’t know the qualifying rules of GB. Will he have another chance of qualification later in the season… Read more »

Reply to  bobo gigi
6 years ago

Barrett could be selected as a discretionary pick – Outside bet but wouldn’t surprise me. He was 52.5 at 2014 Nationals so not too dissimilar.

4×200 looks great – we also had four juniors (all 1997) swim 1.48.2, 1.49.5, 1.49.9 and 1.50.0!

bobo gigi
Reply to  Dee
6 years ago

Discretionary pick? In individual or only for the relay?
If that’s in individual, what’s the real use of these championships if the third can take the spot of the second?

Reply to  bobo gigi
6 years ago

Nobody was in 2% of the required time (51.6) to qualify or be considered for selection. BS have 6 discretionary picks – they can pick whoever they like in events where we have spare spots left after those who hit QTs and those who were within the consideration time. In short – BS could pick anybody in the 100 fly as nobody made the qualification time.

I suspect Laxton will be selected, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Barrett got the nod… He was 52.5 in 53.2 in March/April of 2013/2014 so IF BS select him, that is how they’ll try to justify it.

On a positive note – James Guy is a good flyer, 2014 National Champ in… Read more »

bobo gigi
Reply to  Dee
6 years ago

Thanks for the clear explanation.

Reply to  bobo gigi
6 years ago

coming from an american swimnerd cordes is going to have to push it on breast if he wants us to win…

bobo gigi
6 years ago

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Jeff Grace

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