Michael Andrew Swims Best Time in 400y IM to Warm Up 2017-2018 Season

After years focused on sprints and the shorter IM races, including a World Championship in the 100 IM, an early season shift has come about for Michael Andrew in the new year. He opened his 2nd meet of the 2017-2018 season on Saturday with a best time in the 400 yard IM: an event he raced and broke many records in when younger, but hasn’t made a part of his repertoire of late.

He swam the event 3 times, in long course, in 2017 – at mid-season meets, including a best time of 4:26.24 at the Arena Pro Swim – Austin. In yards, he hadn’t gone a best time since his 2014 National Age Group Record swim of 3:52.08.

Racing at a Senior Circuit meet on Saturday in his home town of Lawrence, Kansas, Andrew posted a new lifetime best of 3:49.38 in the 400 yard IM. Not abandoning his more recently-traditional event schedule, he’s also scheduled to swim timed finals of the 200 IM, 100 fly, 50 free, and 100 breast this weekend.

400 IM splits:

  • Fly – 50.24
  • Back – 56.88
  • Breast – 1:04.94
  • Free – 57.32

Andrew opened his season two weeks ago swimming the 50 free (20.07), 200 free (1:39.85), and 200 back (1:45.28). The 200 backstroke is another event he hasn’t swum in a while – his last race was in yards was in 2014. His best time in that race is 1:43.15.

Andrew won 3 medals at the 2016 World Short Course Championships, including individual gold in the 100 IM, and is a 10-time World Junior Championships medalist. This summer in Indianapolis he won 3 individual gold and 2 individual bronze medals at the final international-level junior meet he was eligible for: the World Junior Championships.

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There’s absolutely no reason this deserves its own article.


But you clicked on it….


In anticipation to see something in the low 3:40s, not just breaking 3:50


Yes the boy that goes 21.7 free 24 back 23 fly and 27 LC 50’s disappoints in that he’s clearly working on his aerobic capacity for LC by racing a harder race for himself to see where he is in training. God what a douche bag. It’s October my man, let the kid live. Once he gets into the low 3:40s that’s when everyone should be worried about LC season.

crooked donald

#2 ranked American this past summer in the 50 LCM free. Why he’s working on his aerobic capacity, is a complete mystery to me. Accept the fact that he’s a Tony Ervin and is never going to have a 100 or above that’s comparable to his flat out 50 speed in any stroke.


Absolutely no way Tony Ervin could swim a 3:49+ 400 IM


To leave my opinion on the direction this site appears to be taking

PVDH- I think you’re being unnecessarily critical. We’re just doing our jobs here. Covering a young national team member’s progress, especially one who piques a lot of interest since he was a standout for years as an age grouper, isn’t something that really warrants criticism. There are people who like to follow Michael Andrew’s progress, and SwimSwam reports on swimming news. You are certainly entitled to the opinion that this isn’t that interesting or the swim wasn’t that good, but there was no wrongdoing here. We have a lot of other articles on college dual meets, recruits, etc. that you’re welcome to read if this article doesn’t particularly interest you. We work hard to cover swimming at all levels and… Read more »

Cindy Swanson

We appreciate you guys! Some people just look for anything to complain about…

samuel huntington

still no real reason to write this. there are other young swimmers to write articles about but I don’t see them. I would agree with pvdh here.

Hi Samuel. While I understand where you’re coming from, we have lots of articles that cover young up-and-coming swimmers. I have written a lot of them. We cover club meets and high school championships from the district to state level, as well as their college commitments. We write articles whenever a young swimmer breaks a NAG and often when they break into the top 5 or 10 in their age group. It is unnecessary to be upset that a swimming news website has reported on a swimmer who has been of interest to a lot of fans for many years. It does not indicate a negative turn.

samuel huntington

not upset but you argue you write about high school meets, college commitments, etc. which is awesome. the difference with this article is it solely covers a pr of a swimmer that is not a NAG nor a top 10. it appears that you are obsessed with this swimmer. I still really like the site and will continue to visit on a regular basis and share my, often controversial, views.

You are entitled to your opinion that I am obsessed, though I will argue that if I have an obsession it is an obsession with swimming in general. I spent the better part of 16 years with my head in a pool, so I’m sure that would come as a surprise to no one.


Thank you Lauren for talking sense in your polite responses to the moaners! I was very interested in the MA article because of MA and his potential… on the other hand I’m not interested in some 56 sec 100 yd freestyler giving “verbals” to some College (wow…not) even though some think it is “awesome”. Each to their own but I you’ve got my vote Lauren for bringing an interesting story in a part of the year when there isn’t much going on!

Thanks John! I’m glad you liked the article 🙂 Braden wrote this one. I was just giving my 2 cents as a SwimSwam writer.


I want a refund 🙂

E Gamble

You paying to be on here? I thought it was free?


I want to read articles about MA and especially when he swims the no. 1 time in the U.S.


Thanks for writing the article. I enjoyed reading it. Keep em coming.


Lmao PVDH just got ethered with this comment. Braden you’re the man!

Cameron Wallace

It’s just like many other information outlets. Swimswam is, along with Swimming world magazine, the forerunner in swimming politics, gossip (which, YES, people do indeed care about and seek- making it important in journalism), and current events. In pop media, there is all kind of news about the mega stars- such as “Kylie Jenner seen filling her gas tank, looking great with new lip product”…for some reason, people care, click, and read; even though there are hundreds of extremely talented, under appreciated actresses and business women in Hollywood that don’t even get a blurb when they create a new idea. It’s how media works. Get to know it a bit better before accusing a media outlet for reporting on a… Read more »


You and I both know this isn’t simply “covering the progress of a national team member”. I don’t see individual reports like this on ANYONE else that’s on the national team. Where are the coverage reports for Jonathan Tybur, Sean Lehane, Zack Harting, Sean Grieshop or even any of the leading members (Adrian, Ledecky, Dressel, Kalisz) get coverage reports for getting a pb in a random event. It has been going on with Andrew for the last few years. For a while it made sense because he was breaking NAGs left right and center. But this? This is unnecessary and borderline exploitative in my opinion. I’ve been here a long while and very much appreciate what you guys do. But… Read more »

PVDH – First of all, direct comparisons between swimmers really don’t work in this case, because every swimmer’s story is very much unique. (Though as an aside, I would guarantee you that if Harting went a lifetime-best 200 back, or Grieshop a 200 breast, or Lehane a 200 free, or Adrian a 200 free, or Dressel a 100 breast, etc, that every single one of those swims would be covered in full by our staff. You hypothetically implying that we would ignore big off-event swims from national teamers feels to me like a pretty harsh and unnecessary dig at a staff that spends ridiculous amounts of time and effort to make sure every corner of the sport gets covered.) That… Read more »


No need for swimswam authors to even respond to this. Any meet Michael Andrew competes in is newsworthy at this point regardless of his times

Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger

Michael Andrew breaks Jr World Record in a 50.

SwimSwam commenters: “Yawn, wake me up when he starts doing real events.”

Michael Andrew starts seriously training for 400 IM, goes a lifetime-best.

SwimSwam comments: “gah, why are you bugging me with coverage about this kid swimming an off-event?”

Sometimes, there’s just no pleasing a crowd of doofuses.

crooked donald

I think you are right except for when he displaced Adrian as the #2 guy in the U.S. last summer in the 50 free. People woke up to that, because it is a “real event” — if not the, or one of the marquee events now in the post-Phelps era.

Steve Nolan

PVDH and Lauren/Braden both tiptoed around why the article’s here – clicks, clicks, cliiiiiicks.

PVDH has a point in rebuttal about other random national teamers not getting this much attention and the SwimSwam staff has a point in that they can write about whatever they dang want to.

The point of journalism is to write things that people are interested in and will read in order to become more informed. These are things that they click on. Not a new concept. Not a crazy concept. If someone isn’t interested in following, they are not required to click on it. If they do click on it, it’s more than likely because it was of interest. Most of these clicks don’t happen by accident.

I don’t believe we’ve tried at all to make the argument that we can write about whatever we want. Our rationale for this story has been that our staff of experienced, trained, professional reporters determined that this story was newsworthy, so we covered it. Implying that we slant news coverage for clicks is a pretty serious allegation at our integrity as a staff, and I don’t appreciate that comment from people without inside knowledge of our internal staff discussions on what is and is not newsworthy. PVDH’s point, on the other hand, is entirely hypothetical (“you wouldn’t cover other swimmers this same way if they did this swim”), unsubstantiated with real examples and easily disproven by the facts of how… Read more »


If you don’t like the editorial choices or content start your own swim mag – or is this more about trolling? If it is, bravo.


Haven’t seen the results but I assume he dropped 58 freestyle leg


Actually he surprised all of us by coming home in a blistering 57.3, A full seven seconds slower than his fly split. Basic “textbook” 400 IM race strategy.


That’s kinda sad. I closed a 4:14 in 57.0 :/
Glad he’s working on his endurance though, his 2IM has so much potential

crooked donald

Would have made a nice LCM free split.

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