Michael Andrew fastest into 100m IM final at FINA World Cup Berlin

FINA World Cup – Berlin

The second stop of the 2016 FINA World Cup tour is upon us, kicking off today in Berlin, Germany.

After the tour’s opening Paris stop, Vlad Morozov and Katinka Hosszu lead the points and money lists. Morozov broke the first world record of the series in the 100 IM in Paris. Alia Atkinsonwho is second in women’s points, tied a world record in the 100m breast.

Points Leaders


  1. Katinka Hosszu – 129
  2. Alia Atkinson – 76
  3. T-3 Daryna Zevina – 45
  4. T-3 Jeanette Ottesen – 45
  5. Emily Seebohm – 33


  1. Vladimir Morozov – 86
  2. Chad le Clos – 60
  3. Philip Heintz – 54
  4. Cameron van der Burgh – 48
  5. Three-way tie – 27


The morning session at the World Cup Berlin 2016 started at 10 am in the fast Berlin pool where Missy Franklin set her first world record at the Word Cup Series 2011 in the 200 m backstroke (SC). In 2011, also Michael Phelps showed up at the Berlin World Cup – very much to the delight of the German audience.

Katinka Hosszu is set to swim 15 events (100/200/400/800 free, 50/100/200 back, 50/200 breast, 50/100/200 fly, 100/200/400 IM) – that includes entries into every single event except the 50 free and 100 breast. Katinka thinks that her exhausting racing schedule helps her to swim the world records in the IM events – for her racing at the World Cup series is a chance to practice with some of the best swimmers in the world.

Asked at yesterday’s press conference in Berlin “why she swims such grueling competition schedules” she smiled and asked back: “Why not?”

17 year-old Michael Andrew took the top seed this morning in the 100m IM in 53,33 ahead of Germany’s Dominik Franke in 53,90. Also in the 100m IM final are: Mitchell Larkin (AUS), Vladimir Morozov (RUS), Philip Heintz (GER), Andrey Zhilkin (RUS), Hiromasa Fujimori (JPN) and Sebastian Steffan (AUT).

Andrii Govorov  touched in 47,62 in the 100m freeystyle the #1 seed for finals. Vladimir Morozov will be in the second seed tonight in 47,71, he set the fastest SC time in 2016 with a 45,57 at the World Cup in Chartres last weekend. Michael Andrew clocked a 48,89 – that is 8th place.

Katinka Hosszu (HUN) set herself up as the #1 seed for the women’s 200 m freestyle final, she clocked a 1:58,16. Hannah Miley (GBR) will be in the second seed tonight (1:53,34).

Top seed in the 50m breaststroke is Kirill Prigoda (RUS) in 26,72 ahead of Michael Andrew (USA) in 26,94.

The top seed in the women’s 100m breaststroke is Alia Atkinson who hit the wall in a time of 1:04,79. The next-fastest swim in the morning heats came from USA’s Katie Meili in 1:05,09. Breeja Larson came in with the 5th fastest time in 1:06,40.

Top-seeded in the women’s 100m fly is Katinka Hosszu (HUN), she finished in 57,27, second fastest into the final is Denmark’s Jeanette Ottesen in 57,31.

Mitch Larkin (AUS) set the fastest time in the men’s 100m backstroke in 51,09, followed by Pavel Sankovich (BLR) in 52,18.

Emily Seebohm (AUS) took the top spot for the women’s 50m backstroke final with a 26,76 ahead of Daryna Zevina (UKR) in 26,99.

World record holder Katinka Hosszu touched in 2:09,69 in the 200m IM the #1 seed for finals. Lisa Zaiser (AUT) will be in the second seed tonight in 2:09,69.

Jeanette Ottesen (DEN)  finished with the top time this morning in the 50m freestyle in 24,32. Madeline Groves  took the second spot for the final in 25,85. Katie Meili came in with the fourth fastest time in 24,90.

In tonight’s men’s 200m breaststroke final, Germany’s World Champion Marco Koch is the top seed (2:07,18). Koch pulled out of the Chartres World Cup because of an acute infection, afterwards he visited the doctor of the German National Swim Team in Hamburg for an examination and did everything to get back into the pool to compete in Berlin in front of the German home crowd and his family. Kirill Prigoda (RUS) came in with the second fastest time in 2:07,58.

Katinka Hosszu set herself up as the #1 seed for the women’s 200 m backstroke final, she clocked a 2:04,18. Daryna Zevina will be in the second seed in 2:06,25.

Top-seeded in the men’s 50m fly is Andrii Govorov (UKR) he finished in 22,29 ahead of Great Britain’s Benjamin Proud in 22,84.



FINA World Cup Schedule 2016

August 26-27Chartres (FRA)Doha (QAT)
August 30-31 – Berlin (GER) -September 1Dubai (UAE)
September 03-04 – Moscow (RUS)
September 30 – October 1 – Beijing (CHN)
October 4-5– Dubai (UAE)
October 8-9 – Doha (QAT)
October 21-22 – Singapore (SIN)
October 25-26 – Tokyo (JPN)
October 29-30 – Hong Kong (HKG)




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4 years ago

Daryna Zevina was a huge surprise at the last world cup, almost getting the world record of a huge back halfed effort, hopefully this world cup will be as exciting as the last one with WRs and tied WRs and almost WRs.

bobo gigi
Reply to  Track
4 years ago

Exciting the last one?
Except Atkinson and Morozov it was boring.

Reply to  bobo gigi
4 years ago

Zevina nearly got a WR as well

Zika Ziki
Reply to  Track
4 years ago

I think Bobo was referring to slow, boring French swimmers.

4 years ago

Andrew would so much better in the 100 free if he just tweaked his technique a little bit. He’s a tall and long kid that swims like he’s 5’8″ (on freestyle his other strokes are pretty good).

A guy that’s 22.2 in the 50m free and proficient in the 100s of 3 other strokes should be sub 50 in the 100 but he gasses out from taking so many strokes every time.

There is no time!
Reply to  Alec
4 years ago

No time for technical work in mid-season USRPT! Only time to race!

Reply to  Alec
4 years ago

I agree with tweaking his technique. Freestyle is clearly his worst 100. I also think he should change up his race strategy. He takes his 100 free out slower compared to his top speed than any other stroke. I think that he should swim the 100 free like Ervin and Santo Condorelli. Go out really fast and try to hang on. It seems like MA holds back on the first 50 but doesn’t get paid back on the second half. MA’s best 100 free was his 13-14 scy nag when he went 43.9. He took that race out in 20.5 I believe when his top 50 free time was 19.76. I know that is short course but I think his… Read more »

Sergey v
Reply to  Alec
4 years ago

That’s what makes it so strange.
Doesn’t USRPT emphasize technique order swimming junk yards?
So why does Michael Andrew have such sloppy technique?
Go compare MA’s technique with those of junior pan pacs top sprinters eg. Cartwright, and you can tell how inferior MA’s technique is.

Reply to  Alec
4 years ago

I completely agree. I’m sure the power and torque of his freestyle pulls are spot on given his stature, but I’ve always been puzzled when looking at his stroke above the water. Compare his short, contracted strokes to a guy like Nathan Adrian. They have similar physiologies but their strokes couldn’t look more different.

Reply to  Alec
4 years ago

I don’t know what you mean with “swims like he’s 5’8” there are plenty of swimmers that are not tall and still have good technique and swim fast as well.

Cynthia mae Curran
Reply to  Amic
4 years ago

I guess he is talking about elite swimmers not high school ones but there are lots of 5’8 to 510” dudes in high school that go 45 to 47 in a 100 yard freestyle.

Gary P
Reply to  Amic
4 years ago

I think he’s talking about his DPS, and stroke rate.

Reply to  Amic
4 years ago

They were referring to him (a 6″6 man) taking strokes the length of a 5″8 man. Saying his stroke isn’t long enough. They weren’t implying everyone 5″8 has bad free technique…. Lol