Maximize Distance Per Stroke with the Freestyler Hand Paddles

Courtesy of FINIS, a SwimSwam partner. 

Great swimmers have an element of grace and fluidity to their strokes. Even if they are exerting a great amount of effort while racing towards the wall, their technique holds strong. They know, through countless hours of repetition in training, that the easiest way to swim fast is to maintain the most efficient form possible.

The Freestyler Hand Paddles help you train the most efficient freestyle stroke by maximizing your Distance Per Stroke (DPS). The patented hydrodynamic shape of the paddle allows your hand to plane forward to the longest point of the catch. The skeg located on the bottom of the paddle will stabilize the hand as it shoots forward to this position, much like the skeg on a surfboard.

The Freestyler Paddles are small enough that concerns regarding shoulder joint injuries are greatly reduced. The paddle is also safe for those who are new to the sport and are available in a Jr size to accomodate young swimmers.

Try the following set using your Freestyler Hand Paddles!


3 x 50, Freestyle (descend 1-3) w/ the Freestyler Paddles

– 30 seconds rest –

2 x 50, Freestyle; lowest score possible (add your time at 50yds to your stroke count at 50yds)

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