Maricopa County Won’t File Charges Against Greg Winslow

The Maricopa County attorney’s office announced today that it has decided not to file sexual assault charges against Greg Winslow, the former coach of the University of Utah who stands accused of sexual abusing a minor swimmer while the head coach at the Sun Devil Swim Club.

From the press release by County Attorney Bill Montgomery:

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery announced today that his office will not seek criminal charges against Greg John Winslow (D.O.B. 11/8/1974). Winslow, a former Arizona State University swim coach, was investigated by the ASU Police Department for allegedly kissing and fondling a teenage female member of a club organization at an ASU swimming facility. The victim was not a student at the university and the club is not affiliated with ASU. The investigation recommended two counts of sexual abuse of a minor and was forwarded to the County Attorney’s Office for review on February 28, 2013.

“After a careful review of the information contained in the investigation, we determined that there was sufficient cause to seek an indictment in this matter,” said County Attorney Montgomery. “However, we were unable to meet the necessary burden of proof required to move forward with formal charges. Absent additional information which could support these or other allegations, we will not pursue this matter further.”

These sexual abuse allegations were just a portion of those levied at Winslow which included accusations of physically assaulting an assistant coach at Utah, committing racially insensitive acts against Utah swimmers, and committing other (not necessarily illegal) acts of misconduct against swimmers. He was suspended from Utah on the eve of this year’s Pac 12 Championships and eventually fired.

In their original report, the Arizona State Police Department, the investigating body as the act took place on Arizona State’s campus, recommended that he be charged with two counts of sexual abuse of a minor.

Ceci Christy is trying to track down more details on what did or did not appear in the report that led to the investigation.

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this is horrendous.

So az law says its okay to have a relationship with a 15 yr old if it is consensual? wt*!!!

is this the same az that is so conservative on everything else?

and it’s not enough for the victim to say she was abused? you need to have other witnesses? that makes absolutely no sense.


Disagree. No one found any evidence against this man and his reputation and career is ruined. So what if he married a swimmer who he coached long ago? That dosent prove they had an inappropriate relationship at any point.

Guilty until proven innocent.


First, it would seem hat with the reports coming out of Utah of Winslow’s non-criminal behaviors, coaching methods and alcohol issues the he managed to ruin his career and reputation fairly single handedly. Second, the fact is that there WAS evidence which is what the ASU Police used to bring the two charges to the County Attorney. Read the report. The CA made the judgement that with the recordings of the phone call damaged, it would not be a case that could be successfully prosecuted. Very unfortunate, but it does not change the fact of what the detectives heard themselves during those conversations. Hopefully the victim and/or the Utah victims of Winslow have brought, or will bring a formal complaint… Read more »


It is so difficult for a young swimmer to come forward regarding these situations anyway as the perpetrator usually plays head games and reminds them that no one will believe the minor over the adult.For this to happen only reinforces the feeling the victim has that no one will believe them. Adults who do this sort of thing have been doing it a long time and have a pattern.They know what buttons to push to keep it quiet. The victim is experiencing this situation for the first time and is completely blindsided by the abuse.To have the courage to come forward and let authorities know what is going on should be commended, The victim in this situation needs support.This coach… Read more »

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