Lochte Confirms Plans To Swim Through Tokyo Despite Rio Mistakes

Despite the high-profile gas station incident in Rio, world record-holder Ryan Lochte confirmed that he plans to swim through the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, even if that means serving a suspension.

Lochte was involved in a now-infamous altercation at a gas station in Rio de Janeiro. He is accused of causing damages to a gas station bathroom and acting aggressively toward a security guard, plus lying about the incident and alleging a false crime when he originally claimed he was robbed at gunpoint.

Authorities like the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) and International Olympic Committee (IOC), among others, are mulling potential punishments or suspensions against Lochte, but the 32-year-old swimmer told TMZ he still plans to swim four more years through the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

You can watch the full video of the interview here.

“I’m still going to be swimming,” Lochte says. “I’m swimming for another four years. So however long my suspension is… I’m going to get back in that water.”

He says a USOC suspension would be “heartbreaking” and says he wants to learn from his mistakes in Rio.

“It’s definitely something I’m gonna have to be more responsible about. Everything that happened in Rio, I’m gonna learn from. We’re human, we learn from our mistakes.

“I know I’ve learned from it, and I’ve just got to start back from ground one.”

Asked about his separation from longtime sponsor Speedo in the aftermath of the incident, Lochte says:

“It stinks. Speedo was great to me. They were like a second family throughout my swimming career. And I guess it’s a new chapter now.”

He’s also asked what he would do if he were suspended. Lochte says he’d stay in contact with the water even if he isn’t allowed to compete, and also talked about coaching young swimmers:

“I think I would swim just because I love the exercise, I love being in the water. I would definitely start working with kids, teaching them things I’ve learned throughout my swimming career. Because I have so much love and passion for the sport of swimming that I just want to make it bigger.”

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best of luck on this Ryan !!


Good for him. Say what you want about Lochte, but I can almost guarantee everyone reading this has done something similar. You just weren’t at the Olympics and on the biggest stage possible. Yes, it was dumb and he made a mistake.
Got to respect his love for the sport, desire, and willingness to help kids and interact with people. He’s always been one of my favorites for this reason. Live and learn. Good luck Lochte.


Everyone has done something similar?!? Not at all.
Good luck Lochte to improve his attitude outside the pool.


Everyone has been stupid at one point or another.

Bo swims

I agree. Most of us were under 20 at the time though.


man, must be nice to not have done anything stupid since you were 20.




No one in life is perfect and you saying that you never made a mistake or did something wrong is just nonsense.


Who told that I am perfect? That is a nonsense.
But there are different mistakes. What Lochte did I never did (I did other mistakes, of course).
Considering that what Lochte did was done during the Olympics, when he represented his country, in my opinion it wasn’t a joke..
Happy to hear that the vast majority od Usa swimming fans has already forgiven Ryan.
I thought that “a fast forgiveness” was peculiar of my Italian catholic culture lol
Long life to Ryan and all the swimmers.


He may have that of Phelps’s DUI in 2014, heh, I would never do something like that. Be careful of what you say.


Paolo, just because you haven’t had the opportunity to make the same or a similar mistake as him doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have if the situation presented itself. You made the statement that you make mistakes. And that puts you in the same field of flaw as everyone else in the world, including Lochte.


Dont kid yourself on this one …..come on


I can almost guarentee everyone reading this has not told the media they had a gun pointed to their head when it never happened.


What I meant by, “has done something similar,” was sensationalize a story and lie. That’s all.


That’s very true, and I am not trying to say Lochte is the worst person in the world by any means, but being a high profile celebrity leaves one with additional responsibilities, and thus consequences, when it comes to the truth. Lying in a bar in SoCal has very different ramifications than lying on worldwide television (and to the police). Hopefully he gets it all worked out, because he’s always been one of my favorite swimmers. Looking back to 2012, when he was taking a lot of crap for giving terrible interviews, he made a conscious effort to clean them up and learn to give coherent answers on camera. It’s not the same as changing one’s habits while drinking, but… Read more »


Sorry, but I disagree,
Perhaps useless repeat the same things, but what Lochte did, in my opinion, wasn’t just a foolishness, because the context is important.
Anyway, far from being perfect, but I never did neither the first 2 points (causing voluntary damages to something and acting aggressively toward a security guard).
But what was really disappointing in Lochte’s behaviour was the 3 and 4 point (lying about the incident and alleging a false crime, so that it was Lochte to create the whole story ).
Considering that it was done during the Olympics..


His point was everyone has made mistakes that they’ve regret. And don’t tell me you’ve never made a mistake, nobody is perfect


He did have a gun pointed to him. Just wasn’t right on his head. But as most people know when your drunk you don’t recall things 100 percent.

Attila the Hunt

Lochte kept with his lie during his phone interview with Lauer when he’s 100% sober and had the chance to ask his friends what actually happened.


Oops. It was only a loaded gun pointed at him. That happens all the time. Apparently. Oh and demanding your money.

Scott Morgan

Swimguy, you say we have all “done something similar”? Really? While I may have been a drunken idiot on occasion, I have never peed on someone’s building or caused damage, however minor. More to the point, however, I would “guarantee” that virtually none of us have gone on national TV to report a fake crime, and then brag about it. Be real.

chris holderman

Nice and even comment.


I really hope he uses these recent events as motivators to turn things around in life and in training.
It would be awesome to see if he could find the Lochte of 2010-2011 once more! (Strictly in terms of swimming…)


If he could find the Lochte of 2010-2011 once more? At 32 and more (in 2020 Lochte will be 36 years old..) seems pretty unlikely.
Some good races ok, particularly focusing in the 200 im.
I think the greatest target for Ryan will be removing this sad episode, and moving on to an happier career ending


Anthony Ervin did it.


in the 50, a whole different beast. not sure lochte can transition into a 100m swimmer of any stroke.

best bet is stick with 2IM, swim a lot of 100’s of stroke at meets and hope he can stay in 1:56’s (50/50 chance I’d say) and even then we (USA) would need to be hurting in this event if he can make the team in 2020.

i’d hope that michael andrew, seliskar, bentz, litherland and hopefully a few new names that haven’t popped on the radar can all be fighting it out at 1:55 by Trials 2020. probably not… which is why lochte probably see’s a path.


2011 Lochte was unstoppable

Scott Morgan

True. He was amazing. And that was the year before he started caring more about his public persona and brand than his swimming.


And he had amazing results. Barcelona was awesome too

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