Listen to Parents Swimmers and Coaches About BioOx Air Cleaning Systems

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April 30th, 2019 Industry, News

Click here to listen firsthand from parents, swimmers and coaches about BioOx.

For a couple years now we at Air & Water Solutions have been telling you all about our BioOx air cleaning system. The BioOx system is composed of several free-standing units placed around the edge of the pool deck. BioOx media, a patented solution comprised of organic enzymes, is added to each unit along with several gallons of water. The enzymes and water combine to form a solution that neutralizes harmful toxins in the surrounding air. Clean air is then expelled through an in-unit fan. This process creates a Clean Air Zone, which continues to expand the longer the units are in use, that neutralizes harmful toxins and leaves behind crisp, breathable air.

It’s important to us that we take time to connect with the athletes and coaches who are closest to our BioOx machines. We don’t just ship them off and call it a day; we want to hear about the experience our customers are having and make sure we’re delivering the quality that athletes expect and deserve.

Throughout the past few years, we’ve attended several swim meets and chatted with countless athletes, parents and coaches. We’ve gotten to hear firsthand how our product has made swimmers breathe better and made parents worry less about their children’s health. Pieces from many of those conversations have made it into articles and press releases, but others have sat largely unused.

Going through our files, we thought this might be a cool opportunity to share some of those recordings and provide a little more insight into why so many people in the swimming community have become big fans of BioOx.

Click here to listen, and see a few highlights below:

“For my team itself, I’ve noticed that we’ve had a lot less coughing. Typically at meets like this where it gets kind of stuffy, the athletes will start coughing a lot because they say it’s too hot or the air quality isn’t very good. There’s definitely been an improvement at this meet in the air quality for sure.” – Ira Fowler, Athletic Trainer, Marshall University

“In the past couple weeks, there’s a noticeable difference in how my eyes feel. My eyes aren’t as red when I’m around here, they’re not bothered, my glasses don’t fog up when I walk in. But mainly I don’t  get headaches anymore when I’m around here for too long“-  James Yuan, Supervisor, Tennessee Athletics, Head Timer for UT Athletics Swim Meets

“This is my second weekend back with this new system. Day 3, almost 20 hours on the deck here, and I still feel good. My eyes are not irritated, I have no problems breathing, chest doesn’t hurt. I would highly recommend this system to any aquatics facility, especially if you have any sort of air quality problems.” – Amanda Griffin, former Valley Central Swimmer and Current Travel Team Coach

Over the past few months, we’ve been preparing to release our brand new model. Thanks to a streamlined manufacturing process, we’ll be able to offer even better cleaning power than the folks quoted above got to experience – and we’ll be able to do it at a greatly reduced price. We’re rolling out the new system in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for all the details and check out our website in the meantime.

At Air & Water Solutions, we’re changing the way people think about the air they breathe. We’re leaving a positive impact on the health of the Earth, and making it a safer, more enjoyable place for the people who live here.


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