Kolesnikov Busts Out 23.93 50 Back World Record In Euro Semi’s


We were treated to our first world record of these European Championships, courtesy of Russian backstroking ace Kliment Kolesnikov. The 20-year-old crushed a remarkable time of 23.93 in semi-final #2 of the men’s 50m backstroke, taking down his own Russian, European and world records in the process.

After establishing himself as the top-seeded swimmer of the morning in a cool-looking 24.23, the Russian engaged an entirely new gear to bust out his eye-popping 23.93. His time overtook the previous world record of 24.00 he put up at the 2018 European Championships, making tonight the first outing ever under the 24-second territory for any man in this event.

With this result, Kolesnikov now owns 3 of the top 5 performances ever for the men’s 50m backstroke.

Top 5 Men’s LCM 50 Backstroke Performances:

  1. 23.93, Kliment Kolesnikov (RUS) 2021
  2. 24.00, Kolesnikov 2018
  3. 24.04, Liam Tancock (GBR) 2009
  4. 24.07, Camile Lacourt (FRA) 2010
  5. 24.08, Kolesnikov 2021

Here is how the top 10 shook out for tomorrow night’s final here in Budapest:

At the 2019 FINA World Championships, Kolesnikov settled for bronze in this t50m back event, clocking a time of 24.51 in Gwangju. Countryman Evgeny Rylov snagged silver behind gold medalist Zane Waddell of South Africa, who has since retired from the sport.

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6 months ago

WOW I never thought this barrier would ever be broken hats off to kolesnikov!!!

Mr Piano
Reply to  PFA
6 months ago

It was at 24.00 already tho lol. 23 was inevitable

6 months ago

He will win 5 gold medals at the Olympics – 100 free, 100 back, 4×100 free, 4×100 medley, and 4×100 mixed medley. You know this.

Last edited 6 months ago by Notaswimmer
Reply to  Notaswimmer
6 months ago

(x) Doubt

Swim nerd
Reply to  Notaswimmer
6 months ago

That’s going to be a hard no.
Dressel and chalmers are still significantly faster than him in the 100 free
Rylov and xu (murphy is up there too, but has not preformed too well in the past two years) are better backstrokers in the 100
4×100 is actually probably his best shot at a gold medal.
The Russian 400 medley relay doesn’t stack up to the rest of the field
The 400 mixed medley relay is another relay where the Russians don’t stack up too well

Reply to  Swim nerd
6 months ago

The Russian 400 medley relay can easily win gold. Put Kolesnikov or Rylov on back (both gold medal contenders), Prigoda or Chupkov on breast (both contenders for a medal), Minakov on fly (silver medalist at least), and Kolesnikov or Grinev or Morozov on free. The only leg in which the Americans have a clear advantage is in butterfly.

Casas 100 back gold in Tokyo
Reply to  Notaswimmer
6 months ago

Prigoda and Chupkov both contenders for 100 breast medals? Very slim chance with Peaty, Kamminga, Martinenghi, Wilby etc being there. Especially for Prigoda, he never went under 59.
Breast now looks like Russia’s weakest leg.

Last edited 6 months ago by Casas 100 back gold in Tokyo
Reply to  Casas 100 back gold in Tokyo
6 months ago

Anton chupkov is pretty solid on breast. The issue is how much time Andrei minavov can drop on fly to challenge dressel.

Butterfly is their weakest leg unless minakov surprises us with something special.

Curious swimmer
Reply to  Swim nerd
6 months ago

Hold up i though Kliment had gone 47.1? Didn’t know 46.9 and 47.0 was significantly faster??? I’d say it could be decided at the touch if we are assuming this is the range. I’d hope someone goes faster, just saying that was bold claim considering their pbs

tea rex
Reply to  Notaswimmer
6 months ago

I think a single gold medal would be an impressive feat.

Old Man Chalmers
Reply to  Notaswimmer
6 months ago

definitely has a chance in the 100 free, back and 4×100 free. mens medley relay they could definitely get past gb, given that they’re more balanced across all 4 legs, but I think getting past america depends on their front half, considering murphy has been erratic in recent years and ma will likely be the least proven of the american relays. russia’s women don’t hold up well in the mixed relay and there are 4 better teams than them in that event

Last edited 6 months ago by Old Man Chalmers
Gen D
6 months ago

he is still on fire! Can’t wait to see what he will do in his other events and in Tokyo!

cmon speedo
6 months ago

His 100 Free and 100 Back are looking scary

He said what?
6 months ago

His power was incredible. 15 meters in I KNEW he was gonna break the record. His stroke rate was incredible and the power was second to none!

Reply to  He said what?
6 months ago

I agree… it looked so fast! And obviously it was 🙂

6 months ago

It will be tough for Ryan Murphy this year guys…

Reply to  Jbs
6 months ago

He had a tough field in 2016 as well and delivered. The fact that there are 4 guys that could theoretically be 52.1 or faster is amazing, it just depends on if they can all go that fast in the same final

Sergei Zhilkin
6 months ago

Kliment was ready for this record in Gwangju. But his feet slept down in the final. So he has to wait for an other two yeas to make an attempt. Congratulations Klim!!!

6 months ago
Reply to  SnakeEyes
6 months ago


Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  SnakeEyes
6 months ago

Lord. He looks like he’s doing straight-arm freestyle, just on his back. That was incredible.

Reply to  SnakeEyes
6 months ago

That walkout format is pretty sick ngl

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