Killer Abs Workout In Just 6 Minutes For Better Core Connection

Mega-yardage or ultra-short yardage, breaststorker or freesytyler, efficiency through the water is a key to fast swimming. To master this coordinated movement is to have a strong core, where the muscles of the abdominal wall are a primary component. Besides linking the movement of the upper and lower body, the abdominal muscles also assist with the body-rolling movements that happen during freestyle and backstroke, and are responsible for the movements of the torso during butterfly, breaststroke, and underwater dolphin kicking.

So what better way to tighten that core then to do a killer Ab workout in only 6 short minutes. And, the best part is, you can do this from your home. No, this isn’t “6 minute abs to get ripped six-packs for the gullible masses,” because we know that there’s more to abs than just exercising the muscles. This is a specific workout to help swimmers and athletes strengthen the muscles and improve athletic performance. Given the length of an average swim race, 6 minutes is actually enough to improve performance. Whenever you have some time to spare, take a sit anywhere and begin. Are you ready for this? Here it is:

6 Minute Six-Pack Abs Workout: this workout should be done either 3 or 4 time, but do what feels good to you. If at any point you stop during one of the exercises, do 12 deep air squats as a rest then go back into the exercise you were during and being from the beginning. Make sure you rest between sets, somewhere between 30 seconds to one minute.

  • Russian Twists with a kettle ball x 30
  • MoreFit Climbers x 12
  • V-ups x 12

You will be sore after this workout so make sure you stretch you abs. You can do this by lying on you stomach, placing your hands under your shoulders, and pressing your chest up, keeping your hips on the ground. This will help you not be too sore the next day and it also helps with the formation of you abs. Just spend a couple of minutes doing this stretch then you are good to go.


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Steve Friedderang

To see a proper V-up. Sorry Michael but you did leg lifts while reaching with your arms. Real V-ups are a killer! Your other exercises are outstanding. Nice job!

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