Jolyn Fashion Photo Vault: September Lookbook

Courtesy of Jolyn Swimwear & Clothing Company, a SwimSwam partner.

Photographer: Hailley Howard @hailleyhoward 
Model: Tabitha Grayston @tabitha_grayston   
MUA: Marlaine Reiner @mjr_makeup 
Produced & Styled: Mallyce Miller @mallyce 

tabi-mallyce-ferris-wheel tabi-mallyce-freshy-face tabi-mallyce-icecream-phone tabi-mallyce-jungle-face tabi-mallyce-jungle-skate tabi-mallyce-lady-pants tabi-mallyce-maui tabi-mallyce-multi-brad tabi-mallyce-multi-eye-specter tabi-mallyce-shark-action tabi-mallyce-shark-floral tabi-mallyce-smiley-bubble tabi-mallyce-specter-far-jump tabi-mallyce-specter-multi-face tabi-mallyce-toe-rings tabi-mallyce-zoltair


Jolyn has carved itself a niche in the swimwear and apparel industry by combining the technical structure of performance gear with an aesthetic sensibility. An innovative hybrid, Jolyn’s excellence in both worlds has gained them access to the elite world of competitive water sports, as well as crowning the brand a fashion editorial darling.

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