Japan Swimming Fed Reminds Athletes Crowdfunding Is Prohibited

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September 09th, 2020 Asia, International, News

The Japan Swimming Federation (JASF) has posted an official reminder on its website concerning the prohibition of crowdfunding by members of its aquatic community.

As stated on the site on September 8th, “Under Article 7 (commercial conduct prohibited by athletes) of the Athletes’ Qualification Rules, crowdfunding of the person (registered athlete) is not permitted.

“Therefore, regardless of whether it is the intention of the person (registered athlete) or not, if it is judged that the rule is in conflict or violated, it will be subject to disposal etc. according to Article 8 paragraph 5 of the same rule. Inevitably, you may not be able to protect your activities as a player.”

The entire Article 7 reads as follows:

(Commercial activities prohibited by competitors)
Article 7
  • Competitors self portraits (videos, still images, illustrations, signatures, names, nicknames, etc. (M, caricature, handprint, footstep, voice, etc.)
  • Wide range of radio and radio commercials, posters, newspapers, magazines, brochures, leaflets, etc.
  • It is prohibited to use it as a media item.
2 However, regardless of the preceding paragraph, the use of a portrait of yourself is permitted when the following items apply:
(1) According to the “Excluded Athletes Regulations for Prohibition of Use of Portraits, etc.” established by the Federation,
When recognized as an exclusion certified athlete
(2) Marketing program and portrait rights system promoted by the Japan Olympic Committee
When the athlete has been approved as a symbol athlete based on the stem and has consented
(3) Utilizing portraits of individuals and groups in order for the Federation to promote competition and strengthening projects
and when
(4) Utilize individual portraits through marketing programs promoted by the Federation
and when. It should be noted that, as a consideration for such,
The distribution will be decided each time in consultation with the athlete concerned.
(5) The company to which the competitor belongs. When groups (including former affiliations) utilize portraits, etc.
However, if the company or organization of the former affiliation uses portraits, the competitors themselves
And approval of new affiliation is required. Use of portraits of small, middle and high school students is subject to
Subject to consent

The reiteration of the rule is coming on the heels of Reuters reporting Japanese crowdfunding companies said ‘they have enjoyed a surge in business during the pandemic-induced economic havoc, as they quickly connect cash-strapped firms to people keen to donate, lend or invest.’

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