Jack Bauerle: The lay of the land is changing (Video)

Produced by Coleman Hodges.

Reported by Jared Anderson. 


  • NCAA Record: 1:31.20, Simon Burnett, 2006
  • American Record: 1:31.31, Ricky Berens, 2013
  • U.S. Open Record: 1:31.20, Simon Burnett, 2006
  • Pool Record: 1:31.20, Simon Burnett, 2006
  • 2015 Champion: 1:32.03, Cristian Quintero

Top 3:

  1. Townley Haas, Texas – 1:30.46
  2. Matias Koski, Georgia – 1:31.54
  3. Simonas Bilis, NC State – 1:32.10

A second-straight record from before the super-suit ban went down to a young Texas swimmer as freshman Townley Haas belted a 1:30.46 to shatter American, U.S. Open and NCAA records in the 200 free.

That’s a whale of a swim, even better than the 1:30.52 he split on opening night in the 800 free relay. That swim was the fastest relay split ever, and now Haas has actually bettered that time from a flat start. It was sheer speed the entire way, with Haas going out in 43.6 to the 100 and building a lead of almost a full second by that point.

Georgia’s Matias Koski was also quick, going 1:31.54 for second. That’s the 5th-fastest swim of all-time, and shows off Koski’s impressive range: he won the 1650 last year and is now among the fastest 200 freestylers in history.

NC State’s Simonas Bilis wetn 1:32.10 for 3rd, touching out Florida’s Jan Switkowski (1:32.14). Places 3 through 7 were all extremely close, with just seven tenths of a second separating them.

It’s been a tougher day for NC State after a hot start, but the 200 free was a nice jump-start for their momentum. Along with Bilis’s bronze, in the B final Ryan Held held onto 9th place, dropping eight tenths to go 1:32.41, and Soeren Dahl remained in 10th place with a 1:33.20, also faster than his morning swim.

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6 years ago

I have heard mixed things about Jack Bauerle. Fantastic coach, but I have heard the magic truly comes from the assistant coaches. Same thing goes for Mike Bottom at Michigan. Incredible sales guy, can sell any recruit that he can put them on an Olympic team, but the magic comes from the assistant coaches. When it comes to college coached at the top programs, they are primarily managing everyone. Would love to see some video footage from workouts Garrett used to get…..

But he is right, what used to be fast, is not anymore. Crazy to think all those fast times that were done in suits that are now banned. Those times have been smashed.

Reply to  Steve
6 years ago

The magic comes from the kids at any program. Both the head coach and assistants have their role in facilitating, but ALL must do their job to get the kind of results we see from some of these programs.

6 years ago

After seeing that 43.6 to the feet, i think Haas should’ve swam the 100 free…

Reply to  PVK
6 years ago

I agree. Next year Townley in the 100 free and Licon in the 100 breast.

6 years ago

So who won the combined, Cal?

Reply to  HulkSwim
6 years ago

1 Cal 710
2 Georgia 653.5
3 Texas 620.5
4 Stanford 507.5
5 NC State 469
6 Indiana 408.5
7 Florida 398.5
8 Louisville 384.5
9 Southern Cal 361.5
10 Texas A&M 329
11 Missouri 323
12 Michigan 308
13 Tennessee 299
14 Virginia 279
15 Alabama 245
16 Arizona 207
17 Auburn 181
18 Ohio State 175
19 Minnesota 111
20 Wisconsin 102
21 South Carolina 89
22 North Carolina 82
23 UCLA 68
24 Virginia Tech 67.5
25 Nevada 56

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