ISL Rosters: Aqua Centurions Add Szabo In Sprint Reloading For Season 2

International Swimming League 2020: Aqua Centurions

The Aqua Centurions struggled for depth in season one, winning 7 total races but finishing just behind the DC Trident in final season standings.


  • Madeline Groves
  • Sara Franceschi
  • Etiene Medeiros
  • Szebaztian Szabo (IRO)
  • Marcelo Chierighini (NYB)
  • Pedro Spajari (NYB)
  • Matteo Ciampi
  • Leonardo de Deus
  • Luiz Altamir Melo
  • Gabriel Santos

The Aqua Centurions are still mostly based on Italian talents, but they did a nice job recruiting out of South America, too. Etiene Medeiros is a solid Brazilian sprinter who should help the relays and potentially the skin races. Marcelo Chierighini and Pedro Spajari both make the jump from the NY Breakers to join the sprint group here.

Szebaztian Szabo is by far the biggest pickup. He scored at least 24.5 points in all three of his showings last year for Iron.


  • Margherita Panziera
  • Freya Anderson
  • Franziska Hentke
  • Sarah Kohler
  • Hannah Miley
  • Georgia Bohl
  • Alba Vazquez
  • Santo Condorelli
  • Poul Zellman
  • Laszlo Cseh
  • Kristian Gkolomeev
  • Apostolos Christou
  • Vladislav Grinev
  • Luca Dotto

A few top Italian talents appear to be out of the ISL this year. That includes Margherita Panziera and Santo Condorelli.

Freya Anderson is a fast-rising talent, and she heads back to her home nation with the London Roar this year.


A good portion of the Aqua Centurions top scorers return. Most notable is their strong men’s breaststroke duo of Nicolo Martinenghi and Fabio Scozzoli.

Federica Pellegrini also returns as a veteran Italian freestyler.

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