ISCA’s 8th Annual Hall Of Fame Coaches Clinic

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July 16th, 2017 Industry, News

The International Swim Coaches Association presents the 8th Annual Hall of Fame Coaches Clinic: August 23-26, 2017 in beautiful Clearwater, Florida right on the water!

Class of 2017 Inductees

Dudley Duncan of Quest Swimming

“Dudley was such an influential coach for me because he really instilled the importance of technique, and developing the fundamentals of swimming. To this day, I use many of the drills I did with him for my own young swimmers. He also established the importance of overall fitness; he would lead us on runs and our dryland workouts, and more often than not, put us young swimmers to shame.

Dudley was also incredibly good at establishing a bond between our swimmers and it was the first time I really understood what it meant to be a part of a team.  He would organize activities for our senior group outside of the pool, and those were crucial to our team becoming incredibly close, and to this day, those are some of the best memories I have from my swimming career.” – Rada Owen

Mark Schubert of Mission Viejo

“I met Mark Schubert for the first time when he became the Women’s Head Coach at the University of Texas, where I was swimming. I had heard rumors about how he was a notoriously tough, distance coach. I thought, so why is he coming to one of the best sprint programs in the country. I am surely going to be in trouble. I soon found out that he wasn’t just a great distance coach, he could actually coach sprinters as well!  He encouraged me to keep a log book while I was swimming and write comments about my training/workouts. In doing this, it made me learn so much more about who I was and what I felt I needed as a sprinter. I truly became a student of the sport. Mark asked if I would ever consider coaching as a profession and the “bug” was placed. From that moment on, (and for almost 30 years now) that’s what I’ve done. Mark has had such a great influence on me both as a swimmer and now as a coach, I truly owe a lot of thanks to him. I am so very proud to call him a close friend.” – Leigh Ann Fetter-Witt

Full Agenda and List of Speakers

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The International Swim Coaches Association (ISCA) is dedicated to developing an international network of professional coaches that will set the standard for promoting and fostering excellence in teaching, coaching, and protecting the future interests for our profession and our families.

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