Irritated By Chlorine? BioOx Can Reduce Its Occurrence

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May 06th, 2021 Industry

Courtesy of BioOx, a SwimSwam Partner.

According to the American College of Immunology, Asthma and Allergy, it is not possible to have a chlorine allergy, but swimmers can experience an irritation reaction to chlorine fumes in indoor aquatics facilities. Chlorine exposure can indirectly contribute to existing allergies and underlying asthma by sensitizing the respiratory tract.

Studies have suggested that frequent swimming in chlorinated pools may increase the risk of developing asthma and respiratory allergies, both in adolescents and in adults. This risk is increased for those with long-term exposure, including swim athletes, lifeguards and leisure swimmers with more than 1,000 hours of exposure. Even though swim athletes are considered at the peak of human fitness, many have struggled with chlorine-triggered asthma. Olympic swimmers with documented chlorine sensitivity who have found relief from their symptoms and gone on to win numerous honors include six-time U. S. Olympic gold medalist Amy Van Dyken and five-time Australian gold medalist Ian Thorpe (Source:

What’s the most effective way to reduce the risk of respiratory track sensitivity for swimmers at indoor aquatics facilities? Create a hyperclean air zone by eliminating toxic micro-particulates from the air that lead to respiratory distress with BioOx®.

BioOx Minimizes Chlorine-Triggered Allergic Sensitivity

BioOx is a 100 percent natural microbial enzymatic solution that neutralizes chlorine fumes and airborne irritants in indoor swimming environments via a bio-oxidation process, creating a healthy, constant clean air zone. As the world’s first and only biological air scrubber, BioOx completely eradicates the smallest micro-particulates that comprise airborne allergens, bacteria, viruses, odors, fumes, contaminants and toxins, making indoor air safe for all swimmers and minimizing the risk of chlorine sensitivity reactions for asthma and allergy sufferers.

How BioOx Works

The BioOx enzyme attracts toxic micro-particulates such as those produced by chlorine and its by-products, as well as viruses, dust, gases, and bacteria that constantly circulate in indoor spaces. A bioreactor unit containing the proprietary BioOx enzymatic microbial media attracts these airborne toxins, causing an immediate bio-oxygenation process that fully DESTROYS odors and airborne contaminants. Any contaminants the BioOx media cannot fully break down and eradicate (such as metal particles) fall to the bottom of the reactor where they become inert disposable sediment. BioOx systems fully decontaminate indoor air, rendering agents such as chlorine fumes and byproducts, viruses, bacteria, dust, ammonia, and formaldehyde harmless.

Why aquatics facilities directors choose BioOx

Aquatics facilities directors and swimming coaches across the U.S., including those at New York University, Emory University, Princeton High School, Hagerstown YMCA and others have turned to BioOx to provide a permanent CLEAN AIR ZONE in their swimming facilities. This clean air zone enables athletes, lifeguards, and leisure swimmers alike to avoid respiratory distress and ocular and dermatologic irritation, empowering them to deliver their best performance every single day and thrive in a healthy clean air environment.

While extremely popular, standard air filtration systems — even those created with HEPA technology — do not eradicate chlorine gases, fumes and byproducts that cause lung, eye and skin irritation for swimmers.

Even the most expensive standard air filtration systems do not effectively break down and destroy the smallest of airborne particulates -– the chloramines that cause chlorine fumes and exposure irritation — as only BioOx does. BioOx effectively, efficiently, and relatively inexpensively, destroys the smallest of micro-particulates down to those measuring 0.0001 microns. HEPA technology can only capture microns as small as 0.3 and has no ability to destroy pollutants since HEPA technology cannot SCRUB the air as only BioOx does.

BioOx reactors emit a natural enzyme to SCRUB the air, creating a CLEAN AIR ZONE in your pool area or any other part of your facility, such as locker rooms, offices, cafeterias, etc. Best of all, BioOx technology, while extremely powerful in its performance, is simple and compact, without need for an arduous “installation: the quiet units simply plug into electrical outlets. No drilling, construction, rewiring or filter maintenance of any kind is necessary. Every facility is already BioOx-ready!!

For a demo of the BioOx technology, contact the BioOx team at (301) 246-0151 or send an email through the website at

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