Indiana Fires Coach Mike Westphal After Arrest, Intimidation Charge

Indiana University has fired associate head coach Mike Westphal after news broke this week of his arrest on intimidation charges.

IU released the following statement on Thursday: “Today, Associate Head Swimming Coach Mike Westphal’s employment was terminated effective immediately related to an incident that is detailed in the probable cause affidavit from the Bloomington Police Department.”

Westphal was arrested last week and faces criminal misdemeanor charges for intimidation. He is accused of trying to force a local club coach (Max Irwin, also an IU swimming alum who used to swim for Westphal) to support a club merger by threatening to hurt the other coach’s career. The Indy Star reports that Westphal allegedly told Irwin he “could be an asshole, is ruthless and would squash him.”

He’s been released on bail, but Westphal still faces the intimidation charges.

Westphal’s departure will mean Indiana’s coaching staff has almost entirely turned over from last season. Two left to take head coaching jobs (Coley Stickels at Alabama and Caitlin Hamilton at Illinois State) and another, Kirk Grand, left when his wife received a job offer in Colorado Springs.

IU’s current staff includes head coach Ray Looze, associate head coach and sprint coach Jonty Skinner, assistant coach and distance coach Cory Chitwood, assistant coach Emily Eaton and diving coach Drew Johansen. They’ll have one more swim coaching opening now to fill Westphal’s spot.

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Yes, deserved. The conversation is on tape. It’s done. Regardless of Westphal’s coaching skills, throwing his weight around with a local club coach, particularly a young coach that was a former swimmer of his, is precisely why these types of laws exist. Except guess what, Mike? Turns out that young coach was smarter than you thought and recorded it. So, who ended up “squashed”?


meeting happened and recorded in April … waited until the end of august to tell the police.


Well that answers that!

Chaitha D.

Cody Miller’s next video: “Experience Indiana’s amazing atmosphere(POV). The BRUTAL truth.”


“They FIRED my COACH? 😨😱”


With a pic of Michael Phelps in the thumbnail


These Vlog titles are great


…while taking extra dolphin kicks


Coach Westphall intimidated me into cheating with double dolphins

Ale D

You keyboard warriors love to try to make everything about hating Cody Miller. Sheesh.

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