Improving the Kick in Open Water Swimming

Mike Lewis
by Mike Lewis Off

June 05th, 2012 Open Water

Thanks to contributor Mike Lewis for producing this report. Mike has nearly three decades of open water swimming experience as both an athlete and coach, working with Olympians and World Record Holders. Mike was as an administrator in the U.S. Olympic movement for 10 years and was a team director for the 2000 Olympic games. Mike’s also a stud swimmer, netting several top 10 rankings in US Masters swimming. Mike and his wife Cynthia founded “Did you swim today?” – a global gathering place for swimmers to share their positive experiences in the pool and the open water.

Mike on Twitter @mike2swim.

Mike on Facebook at mike2swim.

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Mike Lewis is a freelance commercial, sport and lifestyle photographer based in San Diego.  Mike began making photos in the early 80’s and immersed himself in all aspects of the photographic arts.  Mike’s professional career in in photography began after 12 years working within the United States Olympic movement; he …

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