Improve Your 200 IM with the “Quarters” Set

Got a fever to level up your 200m individual medley? Brandon Converse of EGRA has just the prescription with his “Quarters” set.

The individual medley is the decathlon, biathlon and every other -athon of swimming (or something). It requires proficiency in all four strokes, something few swimmers can truly master.

For most of us it is the breaststroke that is our Achilles heel, leading us to spend half the race putting distance on everyone and then trying to catch up on the freestyle leg (every…single…time).

Anyhoo, for those who are seeking to improve their medley times head coach Brandon Converse of Michigan’s East Grand Rapids Aquatics has a challenging swim practice that will help you develop speed and endurance through all four strokes.

The “Quarters” Individual Medley Set

Coach Converse: “This set emphasizes speed in all four strokes followed by a fast 200 IM at the end. When we do multiple rounds, we challenge the swimmers to descend the 200 IM.”

The set can also be adapted for swimmers who lean more towards the distance individual medley event.

“You can also do this set with 100 Quarters instead of 50s and a 400 IM at the end instead of 200 IM. We will only do that set one time through,” says Converse.

With all of the stroke 50’s the goal is to tack on more distance swum at high speed.

“For the 50’s add a quarter of the distance fast until the entire 50 is fast,” explains  Converse.

2-3 times through–

Thank you to Coach Converse for stopping by and sharing this set!

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what are quarters supposed to mean? thanks!


Quarter of a 200 IM. thats a chop

Mike Kroll

The way I took the statement: “For the 50’s add a quarter of the distance fast until the entire 50 is fast,” explains Converse.” is that the first 50 is 12.5 fast/37.5 easy, the second 50 is 25 fast/25 easy, the third is 37.5 fast/12.5 easy, and number four is all fast.


Do you add the fast on the front or back half of the 50?

Grand Moff Tarkin

If I was just doing 1 round I would start with the last quarter fast and keep adding more to the front to focus on finishing strong, but 2 rounds would work also. Round 1 start fast, Round 2 finish fast. I’m excited to try it.


Go waves

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