Important For Para-Swimmers: Our Repair Service Can Modify Your Racing Suit

Courtesy of, a SwimSwam partner.

Good news for para-swimmers with a physical handicap. We can customize or modify your suit to a perfect fit for your specific needs and so you can enjoy all the benefits which a racing suit should provide. We are really happy and proud that the Repair Service by Robsport does not only repair ripped racing suits but we have also developed a very special service to help para-swimmers to have the full benefit of a racing suit. We would like to introduce you to Rosalie van Drunen, a young Dutch athlete who has a physical disability. Rosalie has been competing all her life with race a racing suit which on one leg was not correctly fitted due to her disability. We feel that every athlete should compete with the right mindset to win your race, which means being fully prepared and having the right equipment. The right equipment means the best cap suited for you, the best goggle suited for you and the best fitting racing suit. Check out our range of racing suits on our webshop.

Meet Rosalie, a Dutch para-swimmer

Part 1: All About Measuring

With Rosalie we had a special mission to provide Rosalie with a customized tech suit. The first part is all about measuring, which improvements can be made to her advantage for a greater performance by our Repair Service. We felt very privileged to work with Rosalie and help her achieve her goals.

Part 2: The Repair Service At Work

‘Numbers tell the tale’ our craftsmanship department knows all about the texture and structure of the different fabrics. How to cut the fabrics, how to fit and modify them, using the measurements of your body and how to restructure to your specific needs. You will receive a racing suit with a perfect fit as it should be. You can download the racing suit template and fill in the different measurements we require.

Part 3: A Happy Athlete Ready To Race

Part 3 Rosalie has just received her modified racing suit and is delighted with the results. No more loose materials around her disabled leg. It fits perfectly as it should be for every athlete. We are very proud with the end result and wish her many personal records.

Are you interested in this opportunity to become a dealer for this exclusive Repair Service for your region? Send us an email with more information on your store and website. The benefits for your business to participate are:

  • You are accessible to the swimmers community. It is a service which is in great demand for all swimmers and could help them a great deal;
  • Sustainability is a key factor for growing your business, now and even more in the future;
  • The repair of all kinds of brands, so the service is not brand limited;
  • You will receive a referral on our repair page and in our advertorials;
  • Most important of all: very satisfied and happy swimmers!


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