Husson University Coach Injured in Bus Incident

Husson University swim coach Bruce Babin is currently recovering from a hip injury that resulted from a bus incident during the team’s trip to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth for a dual meet on November 4th. According to BDN Maine, the bus driver was forced to slam on the brakes in order to avoid a multi-vehicle accident while driving throguh Southern Maine.

Babin recounts that he was sitting in the seat behind the driver when the brakes were slammed, causing him to be thrown forward into a metal object. None of his swimmers were hurt, and the driver was not at fault.

“He did what he had to do. We had come around the corner and the sun was on the horizon. We couldn’t see any traffic. A truck had run into a car around 20 yards in front of us. There were four or five cars involved. Three of the cars were really smashed up. The traffic had backed up.”

Despite the injury, Babin and his team continued on their trip. They competed in the meet and then returned to campus on Saturday night. Babin was evaluated at a hospital on Sunday, and the doctor suggested he use a walker for 12 days. He underwent an MRI, but has not yet received the results.

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