Hallway Swimming Gone Wrong, Helmet Needed

To see all of the Hallway Swimming Videos go here.

Hallway Swimming is still rolling, but be careful. At swimswam we’ve witnessed a few hallway swims ending in a minor head injury.

Perhaps it is time to see an epic Hallway Swimming video with an entire swim team wearing headgear, helmets, or swim caps  stuffed with fluffy cushion, something, anything to protect against head-bangs.

“Elijah Talk” breaks down how to Hallway Swim…and he bangs his head:

These swimmers Hallway Swim in a breaststroke-esque style:

These guys use the “Hallway Swimming Song” for the Harlem Shake:

These guys Hallway Swim and throw a little Harlem Shake into it:

And this appears to be the biggest Hallway Swimming video yet, with the most hallway swimmers:

Here’s a Hallway Swimming video, raw, no music. Sounds like it’s hard, a tough core workout. Listen:

Here’s a Hallway Swimming video with water sound effects. It starts off kind of lame, but ultimately it works!

Here’s a Hallway Swimming video executed without using any arms:


Keep the videos coming! Again, we’d like to see an entire swimming team doing this. If your swim team produces a Hallway Swimming video, send to us and we’ll post here.

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