Golden Goggles Red Carpet Gallery! (Pt. 1)

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Texas-Ex Jimmy Feigen, a newcomer to the U.S. Olympic Team, on the red carpet at the 2012 Golden Goggles Awards


Breaststroker Micah Lawrence wearing purple on the red carpet at the Golden Goggles awards (hey, that’s all I got, I’m swim-people, not a fashion blogger).


David Marsh and family on the red carpet at the Golden Goggles awards. Did you know Marsh can still drop a 23.8 in the 50 yard freestyle? Somehow that escaped honor for Swim of the Year. His daughter Alyssa is already an Olympic Trials qualifier, and can even beat dad in a 25 fly. Marsh was a member of the Olympic coaching staff.


From l-r, Mary T. Meagher (Olympian 1980-1988), Melvin Monroe Stewart (Olympian 1988-1992), and Tami Bruce (Olympian 1988). Mel is no stranger to the red carpet, as he once did a two-episode cameo on Baywatch.


Anthony Ervin with the Stewarts, Tiffany (left) and Bailey (right).


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Anthony was really looking special and very neat !!! wonderfull Job girls

Anthony Ervin was the best dressed of the night! I am biased, obviously, but it’s the truth!

Mary T still looks fantastic! What a class act!
I still remember her live interview from Seoul ’88 where she was discussing the games, and some of the rowing guys were dangling a “Hodori” doll in front of her. She was cracking up.
I think I still have it on VHS somewhere…..
She always seemed to really enjoy the sport.
Great to see she’s still involved!


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