German Junior Nationals: Michael Raje sets a new age group record

German Junior National Championships 2019

The German Swimming Federation (DSV) already announced a team of 14 women and 13 men for the Junior European Championships which will be held in July in Kazan, Russia. The nominated swimmers are (some are only qualified for relays): Giulia Goerigk (200/400m IM), Isabel Gose ( 50/100/200/400 m freestyle), Malin Grosse (200m breaststroke), Magdalena Heimrath (200m breaststroke), Kim Emily Herkle (200m breaststroke), Rosalie Kleyboldt (100m freestyle) Jasmin Kroll (50m freestyle), Lena Riedemann (100m backstroke), Emily Roloff (100m butterfly), Marlene Sandberg (1500m freestyle), Maya Tobehn (100/200m freestyle, 200m IM), Zoe Vogelmann (100m freestyle, 200m IM), Annalena Wagner, Katharina Wrede (50m freestyle) and on the men’s side: Luca Nik Armbruster (100m butterfly), David Erbes (50m freestyle), Louis Dramm, Marvin Dahler, Björn Kammann (200m butterfly), Philipp Kress, Lukas Märtens (100/200m backstroke, 200/400/1500m freestyle) Rafael Miroslaw (100/200m freestyle), Yannick Plasil (200m butterfly), Danny Schmidt (400m IM), Georg Schubert, Sven Schwarz (800/1500m freestyle), Artem Selin (50/100m freestyle). The qulification period ended on May, 12th. Women, born 2002 or later and men, born 2001 or later, are eligible to compete at the European Junior Championships.

Nearly all of the youngsters who are set to compete at the European Junior highlight in Kazan are racing in Berlin this week. Sven Schwarz made it into the German junior team in the 800m and 1500m freestyle. He set a new age group record for the 17-year-olds yesterday over the 800m freestyle. Today, he swam the fastest time of all participants in the 1500m freestyle in 15:28,21.

Maya Tobehn (born 2002, Berliner TSC) achieved another personal best time over the 200m freestyle. For the first time, she stayed under 2 minutes. In the European annual junior best list (17 years and younger) she is still in 2nd place behind German Isabel Gose. Lara Seifert (SC Chemnitz from 1892) was fast in her age group, she won the title for the 15-year-olds in 2:02,06 and defended her title from the previous year.

Louis Dramm (Dresdner Delphine, born 2002) won the men’s 200 free race in his age group with the fastest time of all finalists in 1:51.35.

Malaika Schneider (Hamburger SC, born 2003) defended her title over the 50m breaststroke. She swam the fastest time of the evening in 32.03.

Michael Raje (SSG Saar Max Ritter, born 2006) set the first German age group record of the evening in 30.87 on the 50m breaststroke. He improved the old record of Troy Arnicke from 2004 by six tenths. Fastest in the breaststroke sprint distance was Sebastian Schulz (born 2001, SGS Hamburg) in 29,08, with this performance he could repeat his victory from the previous year.

Lena Riedemann (SV Halle Saale, born 2002) won the title in the 100m backstroke with the fastest performance of all participants in 1:02,17. She is nominated in this event for the Junior European Championships. Yesterday evening Lucie Mosdzien (SV Halle Saale, born 2005) set a new age class record over the 200m backstroke, today she won half the distance in 1:03,52, the second championship title in 2019 for her.

With his winning time over the 100m backstroke of 56,10, Marvin Dahler grabbed the gold medal in his age group and set the fastest time of all finalists. He would have cracked the European Junior Championships qualifying time (56,20) with his performance to start in the 100m backstroke individual event. But the qualifying period has ended and Dahler was already nominated as a relay swimmer.


All German Junior Champions, Day 3 (

Women’s 200m freestyle
Name Jg. Verein Zeit (Min.)
Jahrgangsmeisterin (2002) Tobehn, Maya 2002 Berliner TSC 01:59,46
Jahrgangsmeisterin (2003) Kleyboldt, Rosalie 2003 SC Wiesbaden 1911 02:01,38
Jahrgangsmeisterin (2004) Seifert, Lara 2004 SC Chemnitz von 1892 02:02,06
Jahrgangsmeisterin (2005) Ditterich, Delara 2005 SV Nikar Heidelberg 02:05,16
Jahrgangsmeisterin (2006) Feldvoss, Laura 2006 SC Magdeburg 02:06,91
Jahrgangsmeisterin (2007) Beierling, Klara Sophie 2007 SG Berliner Wasserratten 02:13,27


Men’s 200m freestyle
Name Jg. Verein Zeit (Min.)
Jahrgangsmeister (2001) Savic, Aleksandar 2001 SG Stadtwerke München 01:53,20
Jahrgangsmeister (2002) Dramm, Louis 2002 Dresdner Delphine 01:51,35
Jahrgangsmeister (2003) Sorgius, Timo 2003 SSG Saar Max Ritter 01:52,67
Jahrgangsmeister (2004) Weber, Philipp Maurice 2004 SV Halle Saale 01:53,66
Jahrgangsmeister (2005) Wille, Nils 2005 SC Magdeburg 01:58,80
Jahrgangsmeister (2006) Bechold, Gregor 2006 TSV Hohenbrunn-Riemerl. 02:00,15
Jahrgangsmeister (2007) Kleinheinz, Finn-Constantin 2007 SV Bayreuth 02:11,29


Women’s 50m breaststroke
Name Jg. Verein Zeit (Min.)
Jahrgangsmeisterin (2002) Grosse, Malin 2002 SGS Hannover 00:33,06
Jahrgangsmeisterin (2003) Schneider, Malaika 2003 Hamburger SC 00:32,02
Jahrgangsmeisterin (2004) Messel, Kellie 2004 SG Mittelfranken 00:32,58
Jahrgangsmeisterin (2005) Blasius, Saskia 2005 VfL Waiblingen 00:34,00
Jahrgangsmeisterin (2006) Boscka, Julianna Dora 2006 SG Essen 00:34,40
Jahrgangsmeisterin (2007) Winkler, Malia 2007 SC Magdeburg 00:35,31


Men’s 50m breaststroke
Name Jg. Verein Zeit (Min.)
Jahrgangsmeister (2001) Schulz, Sebastian 2001 SGS Hamburg 00:29,08
Jahrgangsmeister (2002) Marinov, Petar 2002 SV Nikar Heidelberg 00:29,71
Jahrgangsmeister (2003) Kohlschmid, Manuel 2003 SV Wacker Burghausen 00:29,75
Jahrgangsmeister (2004) Schönung, Mathis 2004 SG EWR Rheinhessen-Mainz 00:30,48
Jahrgangsmeister (2005) Wendland, Finn 2005 SG RethenSarstedt 00:30,70
Jahrgangsmeister (2006) Raje, Michael 2006 SSG Saar Max Ritter 00:30,87
Jahrgangsmeister (2007) Biltaev, Subäjr 2007 SV Cannstatt 00:33,08


Women’s 100m backstroke
Name Jg. Verein Zeit (Min.)
Jahrgangsmeisterin (2002) Riedemann, Lena 2002 SV Halle Saale 01:02,17
Jahrgangsmeisterin (2003) Beune, Sirintana 2003 SV Nikar Heidelberg 01:03,96
Jahrgangsmeisterin (2004) Wolter, Celine 2004 Dresdner SC 1898 01:03,16
Jahrgangsmeisterin (2005) Mosdzien, Lucie 2005 SV Halle Saale 01:03,52
Jahrgangsmeisterin (2006) Börstler, Anna Maria 2006 SC Magdeburg 01:06,32
Jahrgangsmeisterin (2007) Herold, Jasmin 2007 SV Halle Saale 01:08,59


Men’s 100m backstroke
Name Jg. Verein Zeit (Min.)
Jahrgangsmeister (2001) Dahler, Marvin 2001 VfL Sindelfingen 00:56,18
Jahrgangsmeister (2002) März, Andreas 2002 SG Stadtwerke München 00:56,92
Jahrgangsmeister (2003) Eidam, Ole Mats 2003 Potsdamer SV 00:57,23
Jahrgangsmeister (2004) Schlamp, Finn 2004 SG Stadtwerke München 00:59,70
Jahrgangsmeister (2005) Wendland, Finn 2005 SG RethenSarstedt 01:01,62
Jahrgangsmeister (2006) Passek, Vincent 2006 Berliner TSC 01:02,92
Jahrgangsmeister (2007) Dix, Limaris 2007 SV Halle Saale 01:09,13


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