FULL RACE VIDEO: Zach Apple and Blake Pieroni Split Sub-50 on 200 Free Front

The crowd went wild at the Counsilman Aquatic Center in Bloomington, Indiana on Friday when US National Team members Zach Apple and Blake Pieroni turned in under 50 seconds after the first 100 meters of a 200 meter freestyle.

The splits, which had Pieroni flip in 49.8 and Apple flip in 49.9.

The Indiana Instagram account, which was the motivator of the swim after a challenge put out to surpass 18,000 followers (they’re now north of 21,000), posted the first half of the swim, where the pair split the promised sub-50s.

But that’s not what you’re here for. 49.8 and 49.9 are solid early-season 100 freestyles for the pair, but the fun comes on the back-half. Apple (closest to camera, lane 6) held on a little better than Pieroni (furthest from camera, lane 5), but both looked pretty worked – and were passed by the rest of the field in the exhibition race (Joao de Lucca is at the top of the screen, Marwan El Kamash is at the bottom of the screen).

Watch the whole race from a deck-side vantage below.


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YouTube says the video is private


and ?


Great meet overall for the pros at IU. Finnerty 1:00.2 and miller 1:01. Lily king and Annie Lazor going at it… Zapple and Blake P being rockets the first 100 of the 200.


Why do the pros suit up and the college swimmers get called out for wearing them?


Pros can do whatever they want. Most have enorsers who give them free suits so they have enough suits to suit up whenever they want.


great answer


Not letting swimmers suit up at dual meets is some of the most non-sense rules I’ve ever experienced as a swimmer


I dont think its a rule (i could be wrong), but there really isnt a reason to suit up for a dual meet. I think the college athletes use dual meets to see where they are in the season and practice their race strategies with others they might end up racing at ncaas. From what I know, dual meets dont mean much for schools ( could be wrong here too)


What do you think the pros use in season swims for?


The pros make money on in season swims, both in prize money and showing up wearing expensive suits made by their sponsors


Dual meets are basically glorified race pace practices


This video is Great!

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