French Star Melanie Henique Attacked in “Homophobic Assault” in France

French News is reporting that National Team swimmer Melanie Henique has been attacked outside of a restaurant in what is being described as a “homophobic attack.”

The 22-year old Henique, who was the bronze medalist in the 50 fly at the 2011 World Championships, says that she was with two friends last Friday coming out of a restaurant on June 26th in Amiens, when they were approached by four men.

The four men asked for cigarettes, she said, but continued that “she felt that wasn’t really what they wanted.”

Henique and her two female friends tried to leave, but that the men started to insult them and blocked their path. One of the men then hit Henique, and she says she’s not sure what else happened, but that she saw her friends on the ground as well.

“I had been insulted, but they had never hit me,” Henique said, who identifies herself as a lesbian, but says that she prefers to keep her private life private.

The alleged attack forced Henique to withdraw from the French Open last week and stop training for the upcoming World Championships which begin in less than a month in Kazan, Russia.

“She recovers and she will resume training on Monday,” said Sunday from Vichy the national technical director, Jacques Favre, to the AFP, saying that Henique would try and train with a mask on to reduce pressure on the injury.

“I am well aware of the homophobic climate in France today, unfortunately,” Henique said. “It is a form of racism is as unbearable as any other discrimination and it must be condemned as such” pleaded the Amiénoise, the two friends are unscathed.

Henique’s friends were not identified in the reports.

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5 years ago

The racist, homophobic, and xenophobic climate in France is very worrisome. I have read of the particularly bad anti-semitism and attacks on Jews there. Sad to hear of this incident.

Lane Four
Reply to  Pvk
5 years ago

This is terrible! Terrible! I have asked Bobo to please explain further the cause of this attack as reported in the French news. In other words, what happened and why???

Displaced Wolverine
5 years ago

I’m very confused on one certain point. As terrible of an incident that this is, just because you are of homosexual orientation, does not make you another race.

Reply to  Displaced Wolverine
5 years ago

I think she meant it was prejudice and discriminatory. I think.

Gina Rhinestone
5 years ago

My daughter was attacked in Barcelona by 4 men who tried to beat her up in the street . She would have suffered more if she had not had military evasive training . Why? Just jealousy that someone had enough money to be a tourist & viciousness caused by hurt Catalan male ego . The local females did not beat her up even though they shared the same depressed economics – in fact they were very kind .

It does not matter the reason why . However , if melanie is a lesbian , it serves to reassure her of her choice.

Reply to  Gina Rhinestone
5 years ago

????? What did Melanie “choose”? Don’t understand.

Gina Rhinestone
Reply to  John
5 years ago

yes I know the genetic theory but it is also a choice to make in contemporary life . Feel free to list the scientifically accepted gene sequence . ( there is a theory there is one but it has been withheld due to the detection tests leading to abortions ) . There is a reference to ‘race ‘ in the comment also . In anthropology I learnt there are only 3 races – Caucasian , Mongoloid & Negroid . i don’t think this is a form of racism , but I”ll let that pass in the interests of not Being argument ive It is a shock to be attacked & very dangerous to have your head bashed . It cannot… Read more »

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