Follow the 2016 German Olympic Team on Twitter and Instagram

The 2016 German Olympic team has been announced. Follow their Twitter or Instagram accounts during the games and weeks leading up to it. Most of the team can also be found on Facebook. Follow this twitter list for a timeline of just the German team.

Athlete name – Twitter // Instagram

Leonie Antonia Beck– N/A

Dorthea Brandt – @dorotheabrandt // dorotheabrandt

Annika Bruhn – //anniki92 (private)

Lisa Graf –  //_lisa_graf_

Vanessa Grimberg– // nessigrim (private)

Franziska Hentke – @franzihentke

Sarah Kohler@_sarahkoehler_ // _sarahkoehler_

Jenny Mensing@Jenny_Mensing

Alexandra Wenk@alex_wenk // alexwenk

Leonie Kullmann – // leoniemarlen

Paulina Schmiedel – //paulaxx8 (private)

Isabelle Harle –  // isabellehaerle (open water)

Paul Biedermann@PBiedermann

Steffen Deibler@SteffenDeibler// steffendeibler

Christian Diener – N/A

Christoph Fildebrandt – N/A

Jan-Philip Glania@JPGlania // jpglania

Jacob Heidtmann@JacobHeidtmann // jakoboskar

Philip Heintz – N/A

Johannes Hintze@JohannesHintze

Björn Hornikel – // bjornikel

Marco Koch – N/A

Clemens Rapp@ClemensRapp

Florian Vogel– //birdy_style94

Christian Vom Lehn@ChristianvLehn // christianvl

Florian Wellbrock – N/A

Damian Wireling – @dman_w13 //damian.wierling

Philip Wolf – N/A

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Paul Steck
4 years ago

Good luck

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