Florent Manaudou on Skins Race: “It was like a fight” (Video)




  1. Florent MANAUDOU – Energy Standard – 21.24
  2. Santo CONDORELLI – Aqua Centurions – 21.52
  3. Ben PROUD – Energy Standard – 21.53
  4. Robert HOWARD – DC Trident – 21.59
  5. Bowe BECKER – Cali Condors – 21.62
  6. Justin RESS – Cali Condors – 21.66
  7. Zach APPLE – DC Trident – 21.79
  8. Luca DOTTO – Aqua Centurions – 21.81

Round 1. Energy Standard’s Florent Manaudou (21.24) took off like a rocket who won the first round ahead of Santo Condorelli from Aqua Centurions and Energy Standard’s Ben ProudRobert Howard of DC Trident took 4th from lane 8th and will move on to Round 2. Cali Condors were shut out of the semifinal.


  1. Florent MANAUDOU – Energy Standard – 22.00
  2. Ben PROUD – Energy Standard – 22.40
  3. Santo CONDORELLI – Aqua Centurions – 22.86
  4. Robert HOWARD – DC Trident – 22.88

Round 2. Manaudou turned first at the 25 wall and won his second 50 free with his teammate Ben Proud just behind. So for the second event in a row, Energy Standard dominated the skins and further separated themselves from Cali Condors in the team points.


  1. Florent MANAUDOU – Energy Standard – 22.97
  2. Ben PROUD – Energy Standard – 24.38

Round 3. Manaudou continued his dominance in the 50 free, winning the skins race over teammate Proud, 22.97 to 24.38. Proud seemed to run out of gas at the end, but Energy Standard swept the top 2 spots in the skins event, giving them 48 more points.

Ben Proud and Flo Manaudou brought in more big points for Energy Standard by advancing to the second round of the men’s 50 skins race, while the Aqua Centurions with Santo Condorelli and DC Trident with Robert Howard also pushed into the semifinals-like heat of 4 swimmers. Manaudou and Proud were unbeatable in the second heat, advancing to the final round of 2. Manaudou won by multiple body-lengths in the final round of the 50 skins race, leaving Proud to place 2nd in 24.38. Though both swimmers were above the minimum time standard of 22.50, the skins race runs differently and is about racing and is even less focused on times than other events in ISL competition. Proud and Manaudou walk away with 48 more points between them for a total of 96 from both the men’s and women’s skins races.

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11 months ago

Im so looking forward to Manaudou Dressel showdowns in the 50 free and fly. In my opinion he’s the only man who stands a chance at beating Dressel in the shortest distance.

11 months ago

When you see Manaudou it is difficult to speak against weight lifting for sprinters, huh?

Pierre de Cubertin
Reply to  PsychoDad
11 months ago

Whoever still speaks against weight training for swimmers should move out of the 70s already… Olympic weightlifting itself has been a part of top class sprinters since the early 2000s

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  PsychoDad
11 months ago

And believe it or not, he started as a teenager, as most elite sprinters have and do. Didn’t exactly stunt his growth.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
11 months ago

How do you know? Maybe he would have been 6’8” without weight lifting 🙂

11 months ago

the skins races were incredible and the athletes looked like they were having fun with them.

Reply to  ISLfan
11 months ago

I haven’t watched the television broadcast yet – do they show the in between stuff? Like the aqua teammates running over to give Santo a goofy “rubdown”? That was a lot of fun in house.

Reply to  Braden Keith
11 months ago

yes, they showed the awkward rub downs…

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