FINA World Cup Point Standings After Dubai

The World Cup series will move on to Doha, Qatar tomorrow with the top three in the the point standings staying relatively the same as they were heading into to Dubai. The one change is Alia Atkinson slipping into the third position with Sara Sjoestroem dropping out of the top six.

The current point standings are as follows:


  1. Katinka Hosszu – 468 pt
  2. Mireia Belmonte – 169 pt
  3. Alia Atkinson – 135 pt
  4. Ranomi Kromowidjojo – 110 pt
  5. Daryna Zevina – 108 pt
  6. Emily Seebohm – 105 pt


  1. Chad le Clos – 266 pt
  2. Vladimir Morozov – 201 pt
  3. Kenneth To – 156 pt
  4. Robert Hurley – 141 pt
  5. Roland Schoeman – 114 pt
  6. Daniel Gyurta – 84 pt

*The men’s point standings may be adjusted since it appears that the proper number of points were not allocated to American Tom Shields

**Kenneth To’s placing in the point standings differ from what is posted on the FINA website as by our count he achieved a greater number of points than he was allocated, which we expect to be changed by FINA

After the meet in Dubai Hosszu admitted that she was feeling the toll that her schedule is taking, “I feel really tired, I’d be lying if I would say I feel fine,” said Hosszu.

“I didn’t do so well in the long distance freestyle because I think it’s kind of mental. It’s a long race and I was like ‘do I want to do it, do I not?’ When you do a lot of races it’s kind of tough sometimes to get ready and forget about the other races.”

Atkinson who surprised most by taking out Hosszu to win the 100 IM was very happy with her performances, “It felt good, I knew after this morning I had to work on my underwater. It’s good to beat Katinka too,” said Atkinson.

“She’s showing us what swimmers can do and I’m now considering adding some more events to my programme.”

The men’s leader Chad le Clos was disappointed in his performance in the 100 butterfly, but expressed his excitement about adding more medley events to his competition schedule, “I wanted to get as close as I could, I started on World record pace then died a bit,” said le Clos when commenting on the 100 butterfly.

“I think I looked around too much, and I hit the turns a bit short. I was trying so hard I overcooked it a bit.”

“I want to swim more medleys, my goal is to win the 400m IM at the Olympics because it’s the toughest race there is. To win that means you are the toughest, fittest and strongest swimmer, and I want to be one of the best all rounders in the world. I’m not one to shy away from hard work, it’s the hardest race, and the one I would love to win.”

The top performances in Dubai were as follows:


  1. Alia Atkinson (JAM): 1:02.91 – 990 points – 100m breast
  2. Daryna Zevina (UKR): 2:01.66 – 960 points – 200m back
  3. Katinka Hosszu (HUN): 58.55 – 959 points – 100m IM


  1. Chad le Clos (RSA): 1:49.07 – 1001 points – 200m fly
  2.  Kenneth To (AUS): 51.64 – 946 points – 100m IM
  3. Vladimir Morozov (RUS): 20.70 – 943 points – 50m free





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7 years ago

Hosszu is mounting a serious challenge to dethrone Martina Moravcova as the greatest ever World Cup swimmer.

bobo gigi
Reply to  aswimfan
7 years ago

And tomorrow she’s back in the water in Doha with her usual 6 events per day. 🙂

Giorgio Battistello
Reply to  bobo gigi
7 years ago

Well… Martina has 105 golds… Not done yet for Katinka !

Giorgio Battistello
7 years ago

To is 138 pts for sure

Top 3 FINA in Dubai:
Le Clos 1001
Shields 959
Morozov 948
(see page 114 of Omega book)

7 years ago

Le Clos:
““I think I looked around too much, and I hit the turns a bit short.”

And WHY do you do THAT?

It was crazy watching him in Barcelona, winning even with his head looking to the left, looking to the right. I mean, seriously?

When Le Clos get serious, he will be great.

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