FINA announces schedule for 2015 World Junior Championships in Singapore

FINA has announced the official dates and event schedule for the next World Junior Championships, to happen in 2015 in Singapore.

The meet will take place from September 1st to September 6th of 2015, which is about a week later than the last championships, held in Dubai back in 2013.

The event order will stay the same, though, as will the start times: prelims will kick off at 9 AM and finals 6 PM local time.

The meet will feature boys ages 15-18 and girls aged 14-17 based on FINA’s age criteria, which go by year of birth. Athletes are classified based on their age on December 31st of the year of competition, so boys born anytime during 1997, 1998, 1999 or 2000 are considered “Juniors” for the meet, no matter what their actual age on competition day, while girls born in 1998, 1999, 2000 or 2001 are eligible. The upshot of all this is that male athletes who are 18 during the meet dates but turn 19 between September and December will not be eligible to compete. The same goes for girls who turn 18 during that time frame.

You can find more event info on the FINA World Juniors page here.

Here are how the events spread out over the 6-day meet, according to the FINA website:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Heats – 9:00
Heats – 9:00 Heats – 9:00
400m Freestyle M
50m Breaststroke W
100m Backstroke M
400m Ind. Medley W
100m Breaststroke M
100m Backstroke W
4x100m Freestyle M
4x200m Freestyle W
200m Ind. Medley M
100m Freestyle W
100m Butterfly M
200m Butterfly W
200m Freestyle M
4x100m Medley Mixed
800m Freestyle W – slow heats
50m Butterfly W
50m Backstroke M
100m Breaststroke W
50m Freestyle M
200m Backstroke W
4x100m Freestyle Mixed
800m Freestyle M – slow heats
Semifinals & Finals – 18:00
Semifinals & Finals – 18:00 Semifinals & Finals – 18:00
400m Freestyle M – Final
50m Breaststroke W – Semi
100m Backstroke M – Semi
400m Ind. Medley W – Final
100m Breaststroke M – Semi
100m Backstroke W – Semi
4x100m Freestyle M – Final
4x200m Freestyle W – Final
100m Backstroke M – Final
200m Butterfly W – Final
200m Freestyle M – Final
50m Breaststroke W – Final
100m Butterfly M – Semi
100m Freestyle W – Semi
100m Breaststroke M – Final
100m Backstroke W – Final
200m Ind. Medley M – Final
800m Freestyle W – fastest heat
4x100m Medley Mixed – Final
50m Butterfly W – Semi
50m Freestyle M – Semi
200m Backstroke W – Final
100m Butterfly M – Final
100m Breaststroke W – Semi
50m Backstroke M – Semi
100m Freestyle W – Final
800m Freestyle M – fastest heat
4x100m Freestyle Mixed – Final
Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
Heats – 9:00 Heats – 9:00 Heats – 9:00
50m Backstroke W
50m Butterfly M
400m Freestyle W
200m Breaststroke M
200m Ind. Medley W
4x200m Freestyle M
100m Freestyle M
100m Butterfly W
400m Ind. Medley M
50m Freestyle W
50m Breaststroke M
4x100m Freestyle W
1500m Freestyle W – slow heats
200m Backstroke M
200m Breaststroke W
200m Butterfly M
200m Freestyle W
4x100m Medley M
4x100m Medley W
1500m Freestyle M – slow heats
Semifinals & Finals – 18:00 Semifinals & Finals – 18:00 Semifinals & Finals – 18:00
50m Backstroke W – Semi
200m Breaststroke M – Final
50m Butterfly W – Final
50m Backstroke M – Final
100m Breaststroke W – Final
50m Butterfly M – Semi
400m Freestyle W – Final
50m Freestyle M – Final
200m Ind. Medley W – Final
4x200m Freestyle M – Final
1500m Freestyle W – fastest heat
100m Freestyle M – Semi
100m Butterfly W – Semi
50m Butterfly M – Final
50m Freestyle W – Semi
50m Breaststroke M – Semi
50m Backstroke W – Final
400m Ind. Medley M – Final
4x100m Freestyle W – Final
100m Freestyle M – Final
200m Breaststroke W – Final
200m Backstroke M – Final
100m Butterfly W – Final
1500m Freestyle M – fastest heat
50m Freestyle W – Final
200m Butterfly M – Final
50m Breaststroke M – Final
200m Freestyle W – Final
4x100m Medley M – Final
4x100m Medley W – Final


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6 years ago

What are the qualifying times for each and every events that are going to be held for the junior world championships in Singapore 2015

6 years ago

Wow – this is really a late date for this meet. Means that US high school swimmers will need to miss the first two weeks of school!

Reply to  gator
6 years ago

Based on the people who went to the last Jr Worlds (Dressel, Sedov, Solnceva, Ustinova) every country must send their best, cause some real high quality swims will probably happen.. much better than focusing on some start of HS meet for sure..

Juan swedo
5 years ago

Hi iM à surinamese competitive swimmer and i like to know the qualifying times
,my time in 50 breaststroke is 31:96

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