Everything You Need to Know About Why Streamlines Matter (VIDEO)

This video does not teach you everything you need to know about streamlines. It does not teach you whether it’s faster for you to dolphin kick on your front, back, or side. It doesn’t tell you with which part of your body you should initiate your underwater dolphin kick.

But, if you have trouble communicating to your swimmers the value of a streamline, this video is all you need.

Michael Guerra is a fixed-gear cyclist, who, while originally staging his superman downhill technique for an ad, has demonstrated the value of body position in reducing air resistance as, without his feet on the pedals, he blows by his competitors by simply using gravity and having a superior body line.

This is incredibly unsafe, but fortunately and shouldn’t be tried on a bike by anybody who is not a trained professional, but it can be a valuable lesson for swimmers in water, where the landing is significantly softer.

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Rocky Mountain Man

That is awesome!

Coach Chackett

Cycling shoes prevent pointing feet?


Because Everytime you push down or pull up on the pedals your ankles have to be sturdy in order to deliver the most efficient force on the pedals. So more than likely his Achilles are just very tight and he can’t point his toes.


Easy on the legs, but hard on the family jewels.

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