Eastern Michigan Hosts Unique Senior Meet “Extravaganza” (Video)

Eastern Michigan Senior Extravaganza

  • Saturday, February 1st, 2020
  • Jones Natatorium, Ypsilanti, MI
  • Short Course Yards

The Eastern Michigan Eagles women’s swim team had their senior meet this past Saturday. Due to a scheduling conflict, Albion College, who they were supposed to compete against Saturday, was not available to compete. Without a team to compete against for senior day, EMU decided to host an instraquad meet instead, ending up mixing in traditional swimming events with unique swimming events, as well as activities on land.

The schedule for the meet included the following:

  • Seniors names announced, run through tunnel to meet parents and coaches
  • Senior video
  • Senior photos
  • 300 medley relay
  • Cannonball contest
  • 10×100 free relay, where the goal was to break the American Record for the 1000 free (which they did)
  • 200 free
  • 100 back
  • 100 breast
  • 100 fly
  • Daddy/daughter football toss
  • 50 underwater
  • Mystery draw 50
  • 300 free
  • Senior contest
  • Diving
  • 200 IM mystery medley
  • Senior relay with tech suits and fins

Some highlights of the meet included the daddy/daughter football toss, where the seniors jumped off the blocks and their dads threw them a football to catch while they were in the air. There was also a dance-off of sorts at the beginning of the meet, where the team members took turns dancing in the middle of a circle before they did their team cheer.

The senior contest was fun as well. The seniors lined up behind each lane, and the goal was to be the first to put on all their equipment (fins, drag socks, paddles, snorkel, and a t-shirt) and swim a 50. The meet concluded with the senior relay, where the seniors put on tech suits and fins to race.

Eastern Michigan swimming alum Kevin Doak put together this video recap of the meet, including an interview with first-year head coach, Derek Perkins.

As a surprise halftime show, a bat appeared and flew around the natatorium for a few minutes before being caught and released outside. Please enjoy this video:

Seniors honored:

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That’s my dad 😢


Likely the scheduling work of their genius athletic director, who canceled 4 sports (including men’s swim), fought a Title IX violation and then had to pay out $112k to 2 female athletes and commit $2 million to athletics (the amount they stated to save by cutting sports).


No. Albion has a meet with a conference opponent that got snowed out so they had to reschedule to the week of the EMU meet. Instead of harping on EMUs athletic department maybe you should celebrate the seniors.

Potato Person

Porque no los dos?


Because that conference opponent is where they are having their conference meet so they wanted to swim at that pool


i would ask EMU why no former men’s swimmers who are still at EMU were invited to have their senior day moment? Doesn’t even seem like the girls team cares about them anymore.

Me 2

They were invited




They were invited and they didn’t want/weren’t able to participate. Instead of attacking a team that has tried their best to support the boys but also focusing on their own competitions maybe you should try to celebrate them. Also make sure you get all the facts before you post about it.


No. I live with a swimmer from that team. No invitation.

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