Duncan Scott Leads Scotland’s Squad For 2018 Commonwealth Games

Scottish swimming has revealed its list of athletes eligible to be selected for the 2018 Commonwealth Games, set for Gold Coast, Australia from August 4th-15th. Performances rendered at the 2017 British Championships, the 2017 Scottish National Championships, 2017 European Junior Championships, 2017 British Summer Championships, 2017 FINA World Championships, 2017 World University Games, and 2017 World Junior Championships were considered for selection to the eligible list by the Commonwealth Games Scotland (CGS) organization.

The Scottish nominations for the 2018 Commonwealth Games has 2 groups, those designated as ‘nominated through the Swimming Specific Policy’ versus those ‘nominated through the Commonwealth Games Scotland General Policy.’

Leading the charge was the University of Edinburgh, who has 10 swimmers on the list representing the school. Among those listed is Dan Wallace, the former University of Florida Gator who pleaded guilty to a drunk driving charge earlier this year. Wallace was suspended from all national team programs until September 12, 2017 due to his actions having violated the athlete code of conduct.

University of Stirling is well-represented with big guns in the form of Olympic finalist Duncan Scott, World Championship medalist Ross Murdoch and national record holder Kathleen Dawson. The City of Glasgow also have 4 representatives on the squad, including 2016 Olympian Camilla Hattersley.

Commonwealth Games Scotland will announce the final Scottish swimming roster on October 3rd. You can view the 2018 Commonwealth Games roster nominations for Scotland here, while reviewing the selection policy for the nation here.

This article was updated since original publishing.

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Nice squad for the Scots – Probably not as successful as at home in 2014, but lots of talent.

Individual medal potentials right now: Duncan Scott (100/200fr), Ross Murdoch (100/200br), Hannah Miley (400IM), Stephen Milne (400fr – With James Guy dropping, the commonwealth lists look a tad light here) & Dan Wallace (400IM) for me. Dawson is a good young backstroker, but commonwealths will be offensively fast in those events.


“offensively fast” lmao


I think the Scot’s medals could be more than you suggest. I see potential-

Scott; 100/200Fr, 200IM… Maybe more?
Murdoch; 50/100/200Br
Benson; 50/100/200Br
Szaranek; 200/400IM
Milne; 400Fr (1500Fr if he fancies it)
Male; 4×100+200Fr

The girls are weak, Dawson can mix it, she is proven at World level. Miley needs to be back to her near best for medal contention. Interesting her GB teammate but C’wealth competitor is now training in her backyard!


Fair summation, little that I can disagree with. It looks Scott v AUS in 100FR; Scott v Guy 200FR; Milne reasonable minor coin bet 400/1500. Given VDB’s decline; M BRS could see Brits go close to sweeping all 3 podiums (most likely intruders VDB 50/WIlson 200). Szaranek looks closest competition to Lichfield in both IMs. M4X200 looks the one competitive relay on men’s side, could go any way in a 3 way brawl – ENG/AUS/SCO. Could pick up bronze in 4×100 Agree Dawson is respectable but W Back looks v much a CAN v AUS shutout. Miley has dominated last couple of CG IMs but probably now superceded by CAN’s and playing for minor coin at best. Struggling to see… Read more »


M200IM behind Max Litchfield is an event I’ll be watching very closely. Lots of talent. 3 Scots under 2mins, 3 Englishmen also under 2mins (two of whom are still teens), Lewis looked a good find for the Aussies in Budapest, Mohammed/Lloyd from Wales can both get under 2mins on their day, never know if Chad will have another crack, but I suspect he’ll be plenty busy with Schooling/Guy on ‘fly now. Max Litchfield would be the only safe bet to medal for me. Looking at strengths is interesting too, lots of good freestylers: Scott, Lewis, Wallace, Max Litchfield all go without saying, but behind them… Szaranak 1.48 200FR, Parkinson also 1.48 200FR, Joe Litchfield hasnt swum a 200FR properly in… Read more »


Agree re M200IM. Could also add Ashby of NZL (another sub 2min) to that equation. NZL has lost their “banner” performer with Boyle retiring. Whilst they still have some good age-groupers at home; a large component of their potential “A team” are in the NCAA system and that again raises the issue of how many Comm swimmers swimming NCAA will we see at CG given the negligible “turnaround” time. RSA are “broke” so it will either be a case of “pay your own way” to either/both CG & PP or one of these meets being prioritised. Your ENG scenario could “play out” or conversely you may see them send a team with a significant “youth” component due to British Swimming… Read more »

j pine

Don’t think Chad will do the 200IM. I think he wants to avenge his silver in the 100fly over Jo Schooling and his failure to make the finals at Worlds knowing Joe Schooling will be hungry for sure. He also knows James Guy’s fly times are fast-improving so in my opinion he’s gonna be concentrating on the fly


Whilst we can take it that Chad will be there; will Schooling be present given CG come up just after NCAA championships ? Asian Games & Pan Pacs come up at more “friendly” spots on the calendar.


Potential is an interesting thing, in that teams rarely get all they could should things go perfectly. I’d agree of your summary, but fully expect the eventual tally to be smaller. My list was more expectation than potential I suppose.


We’ll only have a real read on how strong (at least on paper) the competition level MAY be when we actually see the quality of the CAN team. Whilst CG isn’t a conflict for CAN collegiate competition; for those CAN swimmers (plus others from Comm countries) swimming NCAA it most certainly is. Therefore it will be interesting to see whether CG will be the 2018 “priority meet” or whether it will be Pan Pacs. Their 2018 Swimming Trials are listed down as 19-22Jul which does possibly indicate that PP may be where we see the ‘full strength” CAN team


Sidney Pickrem will probably be the biggest loss for Canada due to the NCAA schedule but the three women’s relays will likely remain intact from Budapest and Indianapolis. That said, I’m not sure if Van Landegham is still swimming as a post grad.


Thanks for that backgrounding and I would have to agree that CAN actually MAY be less impacted by the NCAA/CG date clash than some others where they may only have a limited number of “peak swimmers” but all/most are NCAA (SIN a prime case in pojnt, NZL also significantly impacted).

Still it will be interesting to see the relative priorities of that the 2 now “peak swimming nations (GBR & CAN) place CG as against Euros (GBR) & PP (CAN).CG may or may not survive through for another edition in 2022 but by then this swimming hierarchy should be firmly in place with 80% of AUS’s peak talent being likely exits post Tokyo.

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