Guys! Wearing Compression Shorts Helps With Blood Flow

Courtesy of advertising partner Original Watermen

Keeping up with fish isn’t easy and a long day on the water can easily turn to muscle fatigue. Working out and staying in peak physical condition is a necessity for watermen. We don’t make excuses like, we’re too tired, sore, and we just don’t feel good. We go out each day and put our training to the test. In order to put our training to test we should be dressing the part when training. So here are the reasons why you should be wearing men’s compression shorts while you are training.

Compression shorts for men are tight-fitting shorts that work to hold muscles in place which in turn improves blood flow and increases performance and workout recovery. Men’s compression shorts have a host of benefits:

  • they keep your muscles warm which prevents muscle strain
  • they reduce the time take for muscles to repair themselves
  • they wick sweat away from the body to provide protection against chafing and rashes
  • they help relieve main from muscle stiffness and soreness
  • they improve venous return and oxygenation to working muscles

We’re not doctors and this is not medical advice, but compression has been used for a long time in the medical field. Therapists use the application to aid with increased blood flow to and from extremities. The blood flow helps manage inflammation and muscle warmth and as a result increase performance and mitigates injury. In sum, compression can enhance overall circulation, reducing soreness and increasing recovery.

The results are in, compression shorts help to keep you in the water and pain free. So ask yourself would you pay less than $50 so that you can be the taking off deepest on the next swell while your friend is taking pictures on the beach with a pulled hamstring? Watermen’s Compression shorts are what you need to Earn Your Salt during your next workout.

About Original Waterman

Like so many great things in the 70’s, we started in the back of a VW bus. Surfer and lifeguard, Ken Miller and future wife Jen, began making and selling water trunks. The first customers were Carlsbad locals and eventually the State of California lifeguards signed up for 36 red shorts.

Since those early days we have evolved and grown and eventually outfitted over 1700 organizations from local and state agency lifeguards and fire fighters to military special forces. Original Watermen, as a company, was created with a singular vision: provide the best quality, fit, and performance in every garment. Few industries have the opportunity to test their mettle each time a great set rolls in. We’re fortunate; we do.
At Original Watermen we measure our success by the performance of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. If you’re new to us, welcome aboard…it’s time to earn your salt.

Courtesy of Original Waterman, a SwimSwam partner.



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4 years ago

Why is this article only geared towards men? Wouldn’t women reap the same benefits from compression shorts?

4 years ago

Or… you could just wear your practice shorts…