Denison Women, Kenyon Men Remain on Top in February 5 CSCAA D3 Poll

Editor’s note: the College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA)’s rankings track dual meet strength, specifically. That is, a higher-ranked team is expected to win in a head-to-head dual meet with a lower-ranked team, according to the voters. These rankings aren’t an NCAA finish prediction – for a ranking closer to that model, check out SwimSwam’s Power Rankings (for Division I).

The College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) released their Top 25 Dual Meet Poll today and the Denison women and Kenyon men came out on top once again. This is the last poll before the teams head off to their conference championships later this month; the final poll is scheduled for release on February 27.

On the women’s side, Denison held on at #1, where they had moved in December at the time of the last poll. Also maintaining their previous spots were #2 Emory and #3 Kenyon. The Big Red, Eagles, and Ladies have been in the top-5 for the entire season. Williams moved from #10 to #4, Johns Hopkins slip a spot from 4th to 5th, and MIT made its first appearance in the top-6 moving up 2 spots from #8 to #6.

The Kenyon men earned a unanimous vote for the top position, while Denison remain ranked #2. Johns Hopkins moved up from 5th at the last poll to tie for 2nd with Denison. MIT came in at 4th for the second time in a row while Carnegie Mellon moved into the top 5 for the first time this season, jumping from 10th to 5th. Coast Guard, Gustavus, Merchant Marine, Washington and Lee, Bates, and Cal Lutheran all made this week’s top-25 poll after not having been ranked in the December edition.

Committee chair Jake Taber said, “The Committee saw a little bit of movement this week and had some very healthy dialogue about the poll and its intent. While voting, we try to keep in mind: if the meet took place today, who would win?  We have been intentional to reward the real life wins here.”

Division III Women

Rank Previous Team Points
1 1 Denison 296
2 2 Emory 288
3 3 Kenyon 277
4 10 Williams 260
5 4 Johns Hopkins 259
6 8 MIT 234
7 7 Chicago 220
8 6 Tufts 213
9 9 WashU 202
10 5 NYU 195
11 12 Carnegie Mellon 188
12 17 Amherst 155
13 11 Claremont-Mudd-Scripps 150
14 14 Saint Catherine 144
15 13 Pomona-Pitzer 139
16 15 Bates 126
17 16 Washington & Lee 104
18 20 Bowdoin 90
19 19 SUNY Geneseo 84
20 18 Case Western Reserve 79
21 NR Swarthmore 47
22 21 Calvin 43
23 24 Birmingham Southern 31
24 22 Rowan 29
25 23 Trinity (TX) 23

Also Receiving Votes:

Middlebury (16), Catholic (7), Wellesley (1)

Division III Men

Rank Previous Team Points
1 1 Kenyon 300
2 2 Denison 278
2 5 Johns Hopkins 278
4 4 MIT 264
5 10 Carnegie Mellon 252
6 7 WashU 239
7 3 Emory 224
8 11 Williams 214
9 8 Chicago 200
10 13 Tufts 189
11 9 Claremont-Mudd-Scripps 179
12 17 Amherst 171
13 12 Pomona-Pitzer 157
14 6 NYU 149
15 NR Coast Guard 125
16 NR Gustavus 111
17 NR Merchant Marine 105
18 14 Rowan 102
19 16 TCNJ 92
20 21 Case Western Reserve 76
21 20 Franklin & Marshall 48
22 15 Calvin 41
23 NR Washington & Lee 35
24 NR Bates 25
25 NR California Lutheran 18

Also Receiving Votes:

SUNY Geneseo (12), John Carroll (8), WPI (3), Birmingham Southern (3), Swarthmore (1), RPI (1)

Regional Rankings


CENTRAL: 1. Denison 2. Kenyon 3. Chicago 4. Saint Catherine 5. Case Western 6. Calvin 7. Albion 8. Carthage 9. Hope 10. Franklin

NORTHEAST-NORTH: 1. Williams 2. MIT  3. Tufts 4. New York University 5. Amherst 6. Bates 7. Bowdoin 8. Middlebury 9. Wellesley 10. Vassar

WEST-MIDWEST-SOUTH: 1. Emory 2. John Hopkins 3. Washington University (Mo) 4. Claremont-Mudd-Scripps 5. Pomona-Pitzer Colleges 6. Washington & Lee 7. Birmingham Southern 8. Trinity (TX) 9. Mary Washington 10. Centre

NORTHEAST-SOUTH: 1. Carnegie Mellon 2. SUNY-Geneseo 3. Swarthmore 4. Rowan 5. Gettysburg 6. RIT 7. Rochester 8. Franklin & Marshall 9. Allegheny 10. TCNJ


CENTRAL: 1. Kenyon 2. Denison 3. Chicago 4. Gustavus Adolphus 5. Case Western 6. Calvin 7. John Carroll 8. Saint Thomas 9. Hope 10. Wabash

NORTHEAST-NORTH: 1. MIT 2. Williams 3. Tufts 4. Amherst 5. New York University 6.  U.S. Coast Guard Academy 7. U.S. Merchant Marine Academy 8. Bates 9. WPI 10. RPI

WEST-MIDWEST-SOUTH: 1. Johns Hopkins 2. Washington University (Mo) 3. Emory 4. Claremont-Mudd-Scripps 5. Pomona-Pitzer 6. Washington & Lee 7. California Lutheran 8. Birmingham Southern 9. Mary Washington 10. Trinity (TX)

NORTHEAST-SOUTH: 1. Carnegie Mellon 2. Rowan 3. TCNJ 4. Franklin & Marshall 5. SUNY-Geneseo 6. Swarthmore 7. Gettysburg 8. RIT 9. Ithaca 10. Stevens

Women’s Poll Committee

Jake Taber, Hope (Chair); Meg Sission French, MIT (Chair of NE-N); Dean Brownlee, Centre O(Chair of MWSW); Justin Zook, Saint Catherine’s (Chair of Central); Ben Delia, Franklin & Marshall (Chair NE-S); Shannon O’Brien, RPI; Bob Rueppel, Middlebury; Brad Burnham, Bowdoin; Jon Duncan, Southwestern; Chris Mhyre, Puget Sound; Cori Meyette, Pomona-Pitzer;  Jason Webber, Chicago; Jay Daniels, Kalamazoo; Anne Ryder, UWEC;  Melissa Gates, Elizabethtown; Paul Waas, Catholic; Andy Eaton, Franklin & Marshall

Men’s Poll Committee

Sean Tedesco, USMMA (Chair); Paul Bennett, WPI (Chair of NE-N); Jean-Paul Gowdy, Pomona-Pitzer (Chair of MWSW); Keith Crawford, Rose-Hulman (Chair of Central); Brad Bowser, Rowan (Chair of NE-S); Jason Webber, Chicago; Mark Fino, John Carroll; Nick Stone, Albion; Eleanore Stevens, Wash U; Brent Summers, Willemette; Nate Harding, Redlands; Justin Anderson, Mary Washington;  Matt Emmert, Roger Williams; Peter Casares, Bates; Erica Belcher, Rowan; Pat Smith, Westminster; Michael Kroll, Buffalo State; David Dow, TCNJ; Paul Dotterweich, SUNY Geneseco

A complete list of the Top 25 rankings can be found at:


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The men’s ranking is remarkably stupid


Can you elaborate on why?


I don’t think they need to elaborate…. some examples: putting Carnegie Mellon above Emory is… bold. To be sure, Carnegie Mellon is a good team with way more depth than people realize and is probably overdue to have a breakthrough year at the NCAA level. But there’s no chance they beat Emory. Also NYU is wayyyyyy too low. They haven’t always performed that well at NCAAs but they have much more scoring potential than many teams ahead of them.

I actually agree about Kenyon men as arguable #1 team though. They could potentially sweep the 4 sprint relays this year.


Agree with Emorys ranking being low.

Don’t agree with Kenyon as #1. Denison has much more depth than Kenyon, even with a few of their top guys missing mid season invite – which also makes their relays look slower than they actually are.


Take a deep breath guys and gals, This is based on duel meet performance. It is not a projection about what will happen at NCAA’s!


Fair, but my points about Emory and NYU would stand just as much in a dual meet context, maybe more

North Biggest Fan


Gold on the Banner

This has to be a joke. Or… Who hates Emory so much at SwimSwam? If you run the UAA teams through a meet simulator, (3 day championship format) Emory Men clearly win. CMU?? They have never competed with NYU, Chicago or Wash U… but they will beat the 20 some streak Eagles. Come on, do Better.


Gold on the Banner – you may want to re-read (or more likely read for the first time) the very first paragraph of this story. These are the CSCAA’s rankings, voted on by their poll committee, as listed in this story. SwimSwam has no voting stake in this poll.

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