Decorate your swim goggles and Be A Stud!

Courtesy of Sports Studs, a SwimSwam parnter:

Sports Studs™ allow children to decorate their swimming goggles and bring a sense of style and personal flair to their training.

Sports Studs were designed to personalize, decorate, and identify goggles so that young swimmers are more attached to their goggles.  The creators of Sports Studs were tired of having to replace their children’s swim goggles and developed a product that would provide an easy and inexpensive way to decorate and more easily identify goggles from among the many that can be found around a pool on any given day.  Children have started attaching Sports Studs to swim bags, backpacks, and warm-up zippers.  Moms and Dads have attached them to key chains.

Sports Studs are made in America and can be easily customized with a team, organization or group name, logo or mascot.  In addition to being promoted through SwimSwam (“Everything for the Swim Fan”), Sports Studs are being distributed through the Fitter & Faster Swim Tour, (“the only turn-key elite level swim clinic operation in the United States”).

Sports Studs are a great way to stand out and look studly on the side of the pool!

Sports Studs

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About Sports Studs 

carrie & monica, Sports StudsMonica and I were frustrated by the amount of swimming goggles we had to buy for our children. It seemed that every time we went to the pool the kids were constantly losing or forgetting their goggles. There was no personalization or decoration, other than a written name in black pen. The goggles all looked the same and the children had no sense of ownership in them.

We quickly realized that there was a need for personalization, decoration and identification beyond swimming goggles. In fact, in the growing market for performance eyewear, no product exists to personalize, decorate or identify one set of goggles from another.

With Sports Studs we have developed a product that allows young athletes to personalize their performance eyewear to reflect their personality and interests without impacting their ability to perform. And, by wearing Sports Studs, we’ve realized that our children have never been more attached to their goggles. By wearing Sports Studs, our children have never been more attached to their goggles and more importantly we’re not constantly replacing them!

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