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I will put this comment here. One of the things -in fact the main one – to consider about the Australian performance. It is generally poor across the board. It isn’t a matter of personality or partying hard . It is simply that these athletes choose to swim for the fun of it & actually seem to e the happiest bunch for some time. The overarching fact is that they don’t need to swim at all. Economic & educational opportunities have been excellent for 10-15 years . Australia did not suffer the GFC to any great extent . for example Melanie Schlanger graduated & got a very good job on the Gold Coast & only went back to swimming for… Read more »

Or maybe it’s because March isn’t really the best time for an Olympic Trials?

Don’t you think I would have considered that? But it is not a factor because it is a constant.

Yeah, the constant is that the Aussies are a disaster almost across the board. Meanwhile, with very little exceptions, the Americans are better than their Trials times.

Wonder if LeClos is as good at the 100 and can out touch Phelps… If Phelps goes any faster than he did in semis I’m 95% sure he will get gold though

Just read some article..will try and find it. But neither Le Clos or Cavic rate their chances against them. If he swims like he did tonight it’ll be his.

*him not them sorry

Le Clos won his heat in 51.54 seconds, although he doesn’t think he can beat Phelps again. “It’s too short for me I think,” he said. “It will be a completely different race. These guys will be a lot quicker than this morning. I hope I can swim the fast time which will get me in the final.” Can’t find the actual article, but it had quotes from Cavic saying he thinks Phelps will go 50.5 tomorrow and doesn’t think he’ll have a challenger or something like that. He said he’s hoping to get under 51 and medal as it will be Serbia’s 100th medal if he does. Unless he’s trying the reverse of Beijing (which considering his back… Read more »

Thanks for sharing that article! I wasn’t sure of LeClos would be as good at the shorter event. That would be a good way to end Cavics career (100th medal for Serbia)

He’s gonna have to fight for it, but if he can break 51 then he could get silver or bronze.

is there an update on the picks contest coming soon?


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