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  27 Garrett McCaffrey | July 30th, 2012 | London 2012 Olympics, News

It’s official, Yannick Agnel has arrived as a freestyle superstar. On night 3 he earned his second gold medal of the games, last night he stole the gold when he “Lezaked” Lochte in the 400 free relay, and this win came in the 200 freestyle. Missy Franklin had 14 minutes between the semis of the 200 free and the final of the 100 backstroke but she didn’t let that stop her from earning her first gold medal, in American Record time.

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  1. ZYNG43 says:

    After the whole ordeal with people criticizing Troy with Lochte (making it too much about him being his personal coach… Which I don’t agree with) i wonder if Troy will put PVK in. Will people still say that is unfair? PVK has been Troys swimmer too

  2. Zach says:

    A little worried now about the 4×200 Relay . . . Not so sure a thing for the U.S? With Lochte’s freestyle stroke a little off this year and Phelps likely exhaustion after the 2 Fly, things could get tight w/ the frenchies. On the upside, at least PVK is in form and will prob have a 1:45 split in him. Thoughts?

  3. Phil says:

    Argghhhhhh NBC never showed the women’s 2IM semis

  4. Jg says:

    Zing43 & Jean Michel.

    1- turn the sound off .
    2- go outside for a walk
    3- lay off Ryan Lochte.

  5. Ole 99 says:

    Split comparisons for the 200 Free in London vs. Shanghai

    Lochte (London ’12): 24.72 26.47 26.60 27.25
    Lochte (Shanghai ’11): 24.53 26.67 26.29 26.95

    Agnel (London ’12): 24.55 26.09 26.52 25.98
    Agnel (Shanghai ’11): 24.85 26.86 26.39 26.89

    • Tea says:

      Seems like Lochte’s improved strength (he looks bulked up) is giving him a harder time at the end of races.

  6. ZYNG43 says:

    LOL at NBC accidentally giving the results for the 100 back before they swam it during prime time. That’s why you go live bitches

    • MarkB says:

      I purposely stayed away from all results to watch it all at night. Then NBC runs a promo for the Today show about Missy winning the Gold BEFORE they showed it!! This is just unreal!!

      • Sean says:

        It was so frustrating I was just thinking about how stupid NBC was

        • Tea says:

          For econ geeks, this is a real-world example of whyto avoid monopolies. One broadcaster gets exclusive coverage of the Olympics, and if their coverage sucks or isn’t what actual fans want, too bad.

  7. ZYNG43 says:

    Also I want to emphasize again how much the commenary SUCKS. The australians doing this live feed are clueless. There are many other people from Australia or ANYWHERE who could do this better. At least say names right. Some of their comments just make me want to facepalm.

  8. ZYNG43 says:

    Maybe tomorrow Lochte will lead off the relay and try to redeem himself? I wonder who will earn the two spots in finals. No PVK for sure? I’m thinking Dwyer could take a spot. Berens/Mclean for the other one probably. I don’t see tarwater or houchin making it in the finals relay. Although Houchin did have a good 200 free at trials

  9. Ole 99 says:

    You’re pretty confident in Phelps’s chances in tomorrow’s 200 fly final. I’m not so sure. Matsuda looked really smooth and relaxed. Phelps really looked like he had to exert himself to get that time. I guess time will tell.

    The other issue is how will Phelps perform in the 4 x 200 free relay after swimming the 200 fly. Phelps probably wants to lead off the relay so he can get a flat start time, but I think we need him to anchor.

  10. ZYNG43 says:

    If they are gonna have alot of athletes doing doubles, they need to let them go warmdown BEFORE interviews. Also, it must effect them when they are up past 12 after finals, and have another prelims swim in the morning. Not just with Americans, all athletes need to be given the opportunity to focus on each of their performances, media second. Allthough media is entertaining and I like the interviews, I like it even more when they win.

  11. John says:

    Look at Ye Shi Wen at 2011 worlds. 200IM,

    She did the same thing. Her freestyle is just so much stronger than the others.

    • Jg says:

      Actually you could look further back . I remember her at a Brisbane Metro s/c at 13 going 3.34 plus the World cup @ 3.28 soon after.

      I myself am not revisiting those results becase I see the other member of that touring squad who tested positive for EPO.

      Its like cycling- if a team member admits /goes down -is Lance guilty also?

      The good news about China is the 2008 little girls gym team are finally 16 & now looking it. Bigger & slower & He with a face as big as the moon.

    • Come on says:

      29.42 in 200 IM is great… 58.6 in 400 IM, i’m sorry is impossible for a girl, its incredible for guy.

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