Daniel Diehl Swims 1:56.41 200 Back, #5 All-Time In U.S. 17-18 Age Group

Yanyan Li
by Yanyan Li 17

December 03rd, 2022 National, News


  • November 30-December 3, 2022
  • Greensboro Aquatic Center, Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Long Course Meters (50 meters)
  • Start Times:
    • Prelims: 9 AM (ET)
    • Finals: 6PM (ET)
  • Psych Sheets
  • Live Results


  • World Record: 1:51.92, Aaron Peirsol (2009)
  • American Record: 1:51.92, Aaron Peirsol (2009)
  • U.S. Open Meet Record: 1:54.59, Nicholas Thoman (2009)
  • U.S. Open Record: 1:53.08, Aaron Peirsol (2009)
  • 2024 Olympic Trials Cut: 2:01.69


  1. Daniel Diehl (CUY) – 1:56.41
  2. Nico Garcia (VT) – 1:59.49
  3. Baylor Nelson (TA&M) – 2:00.98

After breaking the 17-18 national age group record in the 100 back on Saturday at the 2022 U.S. Open, Cumberland Area YMCA swimmer Daniel Diehl dropped over a second in his 200 back tonight, going 1:56.41 to become the fifth-fastest swimmer of all-time in the 17-18 U.S. age group for the event. His previous personal best was a 1:57.62 set at the 2022 YMCA Nationals. He dominated his race from start to finish, beating second-place finisher Nico Garcia by 3.08 seconds.

The 17-year-old Diehl does not turn 19 under October 26, 2024, meaning that he still has nearly two years to break the National Age Group Record in the 200 back. In addition, he is also substantially younger than all of swimmers ranked higher than him in the U.S. 17-18 age group rankings, as they all swam their fastest swims in the age group when they were 18.

All Time Top U.S.Performers In The 200 Back, Boys’ 17-18 Age Group:

  1. Aaron Peirsol, NOVA — 1:55.15 (2002)
  2. Michael Phelps, NBAC — 1:55.30 (2004)
  3. Jack Conger, UN — 1:55.47 (2013)
  4. Ryan Murphy, BSS — 1:55.87 (2013)
  5. Daniel Diehl, CUY — 1:56.41 (2022)

Diehl was slower or around the same speed on all of his 50s compared to his old best time except for his last 50, where he was 1.9 seconds faster tonight. In fact, Diehl’s closing split was the only one under 30 seconds in the U.S. Open final tonight.

Daniel Diehl, 2022 YMCA Nationals vs. Daniel Diehl, 2022 U.S. Open:

Daniel Diehl, 2022 YMCA Nationals (previous PB) Daniel Diehl, 2022 U.S. Open (new PB)
5om 26.84 27.55
100m 29.38 29.31
150m 29.91 29.96
200m 31.49 29.59
Total 1:57.62 1:56.41

Coming into 2022, Diehl’s best time in the 200 back was a 2:04.28. He has since then improved that mark tremendously, swimming a 1:59.52 at World Championship trials, a 1;57.62 at YMCA Nationals, and a 1:56.41 at the U.S. Open.

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2 months ago

How much yeah buddy! did he take before this race?

2 months ago

Whatever Diehl decides to do I hope it will work for him, I would love to see someone from super talented group of Diehl, Heilman, Williamson, etc. to make Paris team. I would not, however, bet against Murphy when it comes to olympic trials.

Last edited 2 months ago by Tomek
2 months ago

2:04 to 1:56 is one year. I remember being 17.

2 months ago

Just talked to Daniel Diehl, he is super close to reaching a decision on where he wants to swim collegiately.

He told me he wants to join a particular powerhouse team in Texas.

Yes, he wants to join SMU.

Reply to  Andrew
2 months ago

Some Minute University?

Last edited 2 months ago by Timy
Swim Fan
Reply to  Andrew
2 months ago

Is SMU really that good?

Joe mama
Reply to  Andrew
2 months ago

Calling NC State right now

Reply to  Joe mama
2 months ago


Dr Deluxe
Reply to  Joe mama
2 months ago

This kid is a talent that will fit in with NC
STATE. Home of the female and male 2022 NCAA 100 BACK champions ( Katherine and Kacper) as well as Hunter Tapp and Coleman Stewart. Obviously , the coaches
know backstroke . He is a potential pro out of high school but it would be nice to see him experience the college scene and enjoy the great culture of that team . His coach knows….he was a NC STATE swimmer .

Go Big
Reply to  Andrew
2 months ago

At this point it may make more sense for this young man to go pro after high school and work on his degree online from home. He will never get this type of one on one specialized coach attention by joining a collegiate team.

ct swim fan
Reply to  Go Big
2 months ago

So he swims by himself with a private coach?

Reply to  ct swim fan
2 months ago

Essentially, yes. More like a volunteer coach.

Last edited 2 months ago by ITK
Reply to  ct swim fan
2 months ago

He swims on a super small club team with no one his caliber, so most of his workouts are personalized

Reply to  ct swim fan
2 months ago

There’s a pretty thorough swim swam video where he talks about his training. A lot of days he’s the only one at practice. Sometimes he practices without a coach at all. There’s almost no weights and he does dry land by himself. The Y where he lives is also not open long hours and weekends. So he’s doing single practices, I’m not sure he’s ever done doubles with any consistency.

Basically everything he’s doing is on natural talent and learning as he goes.

Last edited 2 months ago by Jimbob
James Beam
Reply to  Go Big
2 months ago

I had the same exact thoughts….He hasn’t committed to anyone, maybe he is holding out this long to figure out the pro scene. I think he can make it work.

Swim mom
Reply to  James Beam
2 months ago

I’ve thought the exact same thing. I can’t see him swimming collegiately. I see him going pro. But we’ll see!

Reply to  Go Big
2 months ago

The Michael Andrew approach

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