College Meet Round Up 11/4/15-11/7/15

This weekend was full of college dual meets, where several programs were able to put W’s into the record books for both the men’s and women’s teams. New Mexico , took down North Dakota, USC downed Arizona, Auburn defeated Indiana, and Georgia swept Georgia Tech. Although SMU lost to LSU, the women were able to pull out a win against Tulane. Both Marshall and Duke improved upon their undefeated records, as well. On the road in California, NC State fell to both Stanford and Cal this weekend,  while the Texas A&M men were able to come away from the weekend with straight wins while they were on the road in Florida.

Below is a list of some of the D1 scores from this weekend in case you missed any of the meets:

Texas vs. Texas A&M Women:Texas 166 ,Texas A&M 134
Indian River State College vs. Texas A&M Men: A&M 150, IRSC 84
Air Force Vs. Grand Canyon Men: Air Force 129, GCU 114
Minnesota Vs. North Dakota Men: MN 193, North Dakota 103
Women:MN 195, North Dakota 103
UC Davis vs. Utah Women: Utah 171, UC Davis 125
UNLV vs BYU Men: BYU 176, UNLV 116
Women: BYU 155, UNLV 145
Oakland vs. Eastern Michigan Men: EMU 180.5, Oakland 119.5
Women: EMU 193.5, Oakland 104.5
USC vs. Arizona State Men: USC 159, Arizona 139
Women: USC 178, Arizona 106
NC State vs California Men: Cal 170.5, NC State 127.5
NC State vs. Stanford Men: Stanford 164, NC State 136
Air Force vs. Arizona State Men: Air Force 152, Arizona State 148
San Diego vs. Washington State vs. UNM Women: Wash U 161.5, SDSU 132.5
Wash U 195, New Mexico 93
SDSU 208, New Mexico 92
Illinois vs. FIU Women: FIU 100, Illinois 85
Indiana vs. Auburn Men: Auburn 184.5, Indiana 115.5
Women: Auburn 169.5, Indiana 130.5
Iowa vs. Purdue Men: Purdue 188, Iowa 112
Women:Purdue 179, Iowa 117
Nebraska vs. Kansas Women: Kansas 180.5, Nebraska 119.5
Ohio State vs. Denison Men: OSU 174, Denison 112
Women: OSU 199.5, Denison 79.5
Rutgers vs. Villanova vs. Georgetown vs. Seton Hall Men: Seton Hall 224, Georgetown 129
Seton Hall 266, Villanova 85
Georgetown 257, Villanova 96
Women: Villanova 198, Rutgers 153
Villanova 261, Seton Hall 86
Villanova 264, Georgetown 83
Rutgers 274, Seton Hall 79
Rutgers 256, Georgetown 97
Georgetown 200, Seton Hall 151
FAU vs. Florida Tech Men: FAU 119, Florida Tech 86
Women: FAU 169, Florida Tech 35
FAU vs. Texas A&M Men: A&M 137, FAU 87
Marshall vs. Cleveland State Men: Cleveland State 175 ,St. Bonaventure 116
Women: Cleveland State 185.5, St. Bonaventure 108.5
Marshall 186 Cleveland State 113
Marshall 203, St. Bonaventure 93
Marshall vs. Cleveland State vs. St. Bonaventure Men: Cleveland State 175 St. Bonaventure 116
Women: Cleveland State 185.5-108.5
Marshall 186 Cleveland State 113
Old Dominion vs. Duke vs. William & Mary Men: Duke 181, ODU 106
Duke 164, W&M 108
W&M 175, ODU 113
Women: Duke 177, ODU 100
Duke 181, W&M 87
W&M 141, ODU 130
East Carolina vs. Campbell vs. Gardner-Webb Men: ECU 157, G-WU 103
Women: ECU 162, CU 94
ECU 175, G-WU 81
CU 154, G-WU 108
SMU vs. LSU Men: LSU 197, SMU 103
Women: LSU 187, SMU 103
SMU vs Tulane Women: SMU 153, Tulane 146
Georgia Tech vs. Georgia Men: Georgia: 180, Georgia Tech 115
Women: Georgia: 184, Georgia Tech 108,
South Carolina vs. Florida Men: Florida 178, South Carolina 115
Women: Florida 165.50, South Carolina 126.5
Air Force vs. Denver Women: Denver 183, Air Force 113
Iowa State vs. South Dakota vs. TCU Women: ISU 169, TCU 130
ISU 171, South Dakota 129
TCU 170, South Dakota 130
Colorado State vs. Wyoming Women: Wyoming 196 Colorado State 104
New Mexico vs. Washington State vs. San Diego State Women: Washington State 161.50, SDSU
Washington State 195, New Mexico 93
SDSU 208, New Mexico 92
UNLV vs. Utah Men: Utah 189.5, UNLV 104.5
Women: UTah 179, UNLV 120
Boise State vs. Nevada Women: Nevada 199, Boise State 101
FGCU vs. Florida Southern vs. Florida State Women: FGCU 220.5, FSU 132.5
FGCU 301, Florida Southern
FSU 298, Florida Southern 49
Louisville vs. North Carolina Men: UNC 221, Louisville 130
Women: UNC 230, Louisville 123
Princeton vs. Miami Women: Miami 156, Princeton 144
New England Invitational Un-scored
Notre Dame vs. Pitt vs. Virginia Tech Men: Notre Dame 214, Pitt 150
V. Tech 237, Notre Dame 131
V Tech 254, Pitt 116
Women: V Tech 208, Notre Dame 162
Pitt 188, Notre Dame 185
V Tech 224, Pitt 146
USC vs. Arizona Men: Arizona 172, USC 126
Women: USC 156, Arizona 144
Tennessee vs. Arkansas Women: Tennessee 143.5 – Arkansas 139.5

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Missouri, Kentucky, SIU, and Northwestern had a quad meet also


Both the Missouri men’s and women’s teams were victorious over their respective competition.
Way to go Tigers!


Correction, The results say that Purdue M/W beat Illinois, but the meet was Purdue hosting Iowa.

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