Coach’s Intel: Billy Howard of Med City Aquatics Drops a Sprint Breaststroke Set

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The following set was submitted by Billy Howard of Med City Aquatics in Rochester, MN. All you sprint breaststrokers will love this one:

4 Rounds of . . .

50 3K1P Breast @ 1:00

* Put the kick late (relative to the pull) so you feel the speed of each kick   (This was to get them thinking about body line & timing, as some of them rush and put their kick during the pull).  The next time we did this, their timing was much improved, and we did it on a slightly faster interval (:55) with Double Underwater Pullouts off the turns to make it a bit more hypoxic.

 2 x [ 50 + 2 x 25 ]

* This is basically two broken 100’s Breaststroke with maybe :30 – :45 between the two 100’s at most.

50’s @ :50 – 25 Free / 25 Breast with an open turn instead of a flip – be at or faster than goal time

* To set their goal time, I divided their best 100 Breast time by 4.  This 50 was 2 x 25’s added up.  I figured that doing free on the first 25 makes up for it being from a push, it not being a race, and the fatigue from the fact that they do it twice in each of the four rounds.

* This was a set in the early season.  The next time we did this set, I asked them to aim for a time 1 – 3 seconds faster than their best.

 25’s @ :40 – FAST Breaststroke  –  meet or beat goal times

* Adding up the 50 & 25’s – goal is your best 100 Breast

Max of :45 Rest, before finishing up with–

25 Breaststroke from a dive and with a fast turn – goal time, including the turn, is within 5 tenths of what you want to take out your 100.

25 EZ Choice

Rounds 2 & 3 were the best overall.  They were pretty gassed by the time Round 4 rolled around.

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what effect breststroke

Rashmi Tyagi
Rashmi Tyagi

thanks for giving such timing and technical breaststrock info

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