Clark Kent Apuada Breaks Michael Phelps’ Record at Far Westerns

2018 Far Western Long Course Championships

  • July 26th-29th, 2018
  • Moraga, California
  • Results

Swimming on Sunday, the last day of the 2018 Far Western Long Course Championships, Clark Kent Apuada of the Monterey County Aquatic Team swam a 1:09.38 in the 100 meter fly. In the process, he broke Michael Phelps 10 & under meet record in the event of 1:10.48, set back in 1995, by more than a second.

The 10-year old Apuada won all 7 of his races at the weekend’s meet, earning the age group’s high-point award. 6 of  his 7 (the 50 fly excluded) were lifetime bests.

Apuada’s Far Westerns results:

  • 200 IM – 2:39.69
  • 50 fly – 31.99
  • 100 fly – 1:09.38
  • 50 back – 33.17
  • 100 back – 1:13.25
  • 50 free – 29.21
  • 100 free – 1:04.39

Far Westerns High Point Award Winners:

  • 10 & under girls – Alexis Mesina, PLS, 61 points
  • 10 & under boys – Clark Apuada, MCAT, 63 points
  • 11-12 girls – Summer McIntosh, ESWM, 50 points
  • 11-12 boys – Devyn Caples, PLS, 52 points
  • 13-14 girls – Audrey J-Cheng, PASA, 47 points
  • 13-14 boys – Jackson McDonald, CUDA, 51 points
  • 15-16 girls – Claire Suen, PLS, 39 points
  • 15-16 boys – Andy Huang, PEAK, 46 points
  • 17-18 girls – Linda Liu, HYAC, 39 points
  • 17-18 boys – Ryley McRae, KCS, 32 points

Far Westerns Team Scores

Top 20

  1. Santa Clara Swim Club – 1080.5 points
  2. Mexico – 942.5
  3. Pleasanton Seahawks – 813
  4. Orinda Aquatics – 453
  5. Terrapins Swim Team – 365.5
  6. Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics – 351
  7. Peak Swimming – 280.5
  8. Etobicoke  Swimming – 262
  9. Quicksilver Swimming – 209
  10. Livermore Aqua Cowboys Club – 184
  11. San Ramon Valley Aquatics – 138
  12. Diablo Aquatics – 137
  13. Vancouver Pacific Swim Club – 124.5
  14. Sunnyvale Swim Club – 113
  15. The Olympic Club – 112
  16. Dart Swimming – 110
  17. Hyack Swim Club – 99
  18. Tri Valley Aquatics – 85
  19. Front Range Barracudas – 83
  20. Crow Canyon Country Club Sharks – 81

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2 years ago

keep it healthy and fun mr.superman.

2 years ago

That picture is very amusing. Also, dang. That’s a fast 10 year old.

2 years ago

Awesome name. Meet record? What was Phelps doing at the Far Western championships as a 10-year-old? Did he live out there before moving to Baltimore?

25 free champ
Reply to  Caleb
2 years ago

Not sure.

Reply to  25 free champ
2 years ago

I recall the Far Western Championships being a pretty prestigious event in the 80s/90s…and it seemed to bring more of a crowd of young high performing age-group swimmers. Can’t speak to his exact circumstances, but perhaps the Phelps family just wanted to travel and swim at the same time?

Peter Davis
Reply to  Caleb
2 years ago

Michael came out to Far Westerns at Santa Clara in the mid 90s along with his sisters Whitney and Hilary and some other NBAC swimmers. It almost seemed like it was planned as practice for future Santa Clara International meets that he would participate in. For decades the International meet was the biggest meet of most summers. Australians, Canadians, Japanese, Mexican, Brazilian, European teams would attend, and many world records were broken at SCI meets. Crazy foresight by his coaches to bring him out to get comfortable with the venue at that young age. He eventually completed 100+ races in that pool over his career, so I’m sure the familiarity he gained as a kid helped at least a little.… Read more »

Reply to  Peter Davis
2 years ago

thanks for sharing

Reply to  Peter Davis
2 years ago

This is a cool flashback! Thank you! I love that pool…. A lot of good memories there myself…..

Reply to  Peter Davis
2 years ago

Great comment Peter…and you’ve got to get that video digitised and put on YouTube !

2 years ago

I suspect once he takes the drug test, they might find evidence of some illegal Kryptonian gene doping, however. It would definitely explain why he’s good at ‘fly, and his aversion to certain green minerals.

2 years ago

I believe Dean (Gary) Jones Set the 11-12 Boys 200M Fly record this past weekend at TAGS in Austin with a 2:11.07

2 years ago

Superman does it again!

Science Geek
Reply to  Michael
2 years ago


Reply to  Science Geek
2 years ago

Are those Lex Luther’s initials?

Reply to  Michael
2 years ago

yeah… but how about fly backwards… I’d like to see that before I’m impressed

Just sayin
2 years ago

Literally took Superman to bear his record…

Tea rex
2 years ago

It’s pretty amazing how Michael Phelps was one of the best age group swimmers ever, and then kept getting better and better

Reply to  Tea rex
2 years ago

Cue Michael Andrew comparison…

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