Celebrity Big Brother Season 2: Episode 3 Live Recap

by Spencer Penland 21

January 23rd, 2019 Lifestyle, News


  • January 21 – February 13, 2019
  • Channel: CBS
  • Start Time: 8 PM ET (Sunday, January 27th will be at 10)
  • Primer / Full Cast

Ryan Lochte is returning to Celebrity Big Brother tonight for episode 3, after episode 2, which in many ways was centered around Lochte. Lochte won his head-to-head challenge against Jonathan Bennett to determine who the first Head of Household would be. Lochte came out on top in a challenge involving swinging, only to learn that he would have to nominate 2 members of the house to up for eviction tonight. After much deliberation, he ended up nominating Anthony Scarumucci and Tom Green.

While Ryan is not in any danger of leaving the house tonight, being the first HoH may well put a target on the 12-time Olympic medalist’s back.

Episode 3 Live Updates:

  • Jonathan is happy that Lochte did not nominate Dina saying he now knows he “can trust” Ryan. The alliance seems to be holding strong, for now.
  • Lolo is unhappy that Lochte did not nominate Dina like he said he was going to, elevating the level of tension between the Olympians and putting Jonathan in danger of being evicted.
  • Luckily, for now, any anger within the “alliance’ is being directed at Jonathan, instead of Lochte. If Jonathan is evicted, Ryan should be able to get through being HoH unscathed, within his own alliance, at least. Tom and Anthony may hold a grudge, however.
  • Lolo gets the girls to leave the room once Lochte and Jonathan enter the room. Lochte senses there’s some tea that needs spilled.
  • Lochte on Lolo: “She can find me on the winner’s podium, and her a** on the block”
  • Lochte randomly chooses Ricky and Joey to join the nominees in the challenge
  • Lochte is now competing for a Veto, which would give him a big advantage
  • Lochte is just about to win, thn his whole tower of gold bars falls over
  • Ricky wins the Veto, dealing Ryan his first loss in a competition
  • Lochte says the girls have been acting shady, attempts to get Ricky to use his veto to save Joanthan, in the event Jonathan is nominated
  • This Lochte/Lolo drama is continuing. Ricky told Lolo Ryan wants her on the block #drama
  • Ryan wants a ‘boys alliance’ now, thinking the girls are conspiring against Jonathan
  • Ricky declines to use his veto, clearly disappointing Ryan Lochte

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Caeleb Dressel’s Bandana
1 year ago

It seems so silly to have a live recap lol. I’m watching this for the first year time, and I am cringing so hard. Ryan is the person who I cringe least at lol

Caeleb Dressel’s Bandana
1 year ago

Oh god, this HAS to be staged

Caeleb Dressel’s Bandana
1 year ago

Damn Ryan, you ain’t playing around lol