Caeleb Dressel Analyzes Performances: “I gotta get better” (Video)


After throwing down a lot of races in Mission Viejo this weekend, Caeleb Dressel is ready to get back to work. Saying that he’s in a weird place right now (perhaps hinting that he’s just beginning taper), by his standards he had a mixed bag of racing: some good, some bad, and some ok.

With the World Championships just 4 weeks away now, this will most likely be Dressel’s last meet before Team USA heads to Singapore for training camp in early July.

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Jambo Sana

You get either the 50 or the 200 swim boi, not both. Pick one.


May I present you Pieter van den Hoogenband: former 100 & 200m freestyle world record holder and also 2000 Olympic 50m freestyle bronze medalist

Ol' Longhorn

You just made his point. Can’t be best in the 50 (especially now, when older pros are still around, compared to the PVDH days) and win the 200.

Old Man Chalmers

he isnt swimming the 200 individually though. using your logic, he can win the 50 and 100 while still being an asset for the 4×200


thats exactly what is gonna happen most probably …..the relay experience will be beneficial .

Michael Schwartz

I can see that critical thinking skills are not highly prized at OL’ Longhorns alma mater

Ol' Longhorn

I was replying to the post, not your interpretation. Sure, he can be an asset to a 6 man deep relay, but he won’t be the fastest U.S. swimmer, let alone the world in the 200 free and the 50 free.

Old Man Chalmers

Let me refresh you on the feats of PVDH:
Olympic gold: 100 200 free
Olympic bronze: 50 free

Again, if he isn’t the best american in the 200, it doesn’t matter. it wont take away anything from the 50 or 100

Your argument would be stronger if dressel was swimming the 200 individually, but he’s relay only.


I think he’s swimming the 200 free now for the purpose of improving the back half of his 100 free. He also has to manage the load of swimming a lot of events (prelims/finals) during the course of a long meet (World Championships, Olympics). That has to be practiced too.

Old Man Chalmers

plenty of people have swum 3 or more distances in freestyle well. Ledecky and hackett manage(d) 2-4-800-1500 just fine, thorpe the 1-2-4-800 especially in his prime and shane gould held all the freestyle WRs (bar the 50) at once. Not to mention PVDH and klim each medaled in the 50-100-200 at the same championship. Dressel will be fine, and he’s only training for the 200 to be considered for the 4×200 anyway

Ol' Longhorn

Again, you made his point. Not a 50. Not first places across the board. And 2004 ain’t 2020 where pros like Manaudou, Fratus, Proud and others are just gunning for the 50. What part of can’t be best in the 50 AND the 200 don’t you get?


I remember when Phelps’ 8 golds in one olympics were doubted by the “experts” too. Honestly let’s just see what happens. His 50 100 are great and his 200 has improved a solid amount going 1:47 in season. Why could someone not win gold in the 50 100 and 200? If anyone is going to do it, it’d be Dressel.

The Ready Room

And Kanye shoulda stuck to producing and never rapped, right?

Swammer from Wakanda

@The Ready Room. Yes

Ol' Longhorn

“scoopy di poop” —- come to think of it, yes.

Woke Stasi

Don Schollander won the 100 and 400 frees at Tokyo in 1964 and would’ve won the 200 free also (he was the reigning world record holder), but that event wasn’t added to Oly program until 1968!

Aussie Crawl

Thorpey medaled in 100,200 and 400 free
in Athens. For a a bronze and two golds


+ all his relay duties …..he was a beast of his own kind .

Aussie Crawl

Yes he was bro.
Even more amazing he swam a 3:45
In speedos in Perth in 1998!!


yep , very impressive

Ol' Longhorn

Not a 50.

Ol' Longhorn

Not a 50.


I remember this guy named Biondi who won fold in Seoul in the 50 and 100 and second in the 200. He was pretty good

Woke Stasi

Biondi: 3rd in the 200 free, and also 2nd in the 100 fly!


Biondi also brought 2 relays in Seoul to Gold winning races ….specially in the 800 free relay . He was the change maker .

Ol' Longhorn

Made the dude’s a point. Can’t be best in the 50 and the 200. No one has done it, and no 1:50 200 freestyler from a few days ago is going to be the first.

The Ready Room

Is it exhausting to be so bitter?

This is beginning to bump against “personal attacks.” Let’s all take a deep breath and get back on topic.

The Ready Room

You’re right; fired that comment off in a moment of callous annoyance. My apologies to you both.


I’ve been reading your responses in multiple threads and I’ve been trying to tease out what exact point you’re trying to make. I think your general point is that people are being too optimistic in their Dressel projections, which I think is a valid point. But I also think you’re either being stubborn to the point of being obtuse or you’re trolling the other posters to generate some predictable outrage. Anyway, here are some quick thoughts on some of these points. Winning the 50 and 200 in a major international meet is certainly *improbable* but just because something hasn’t been done doesn’t mean it can’t be done. That Biondi finished 3rd at the Olympics by about .7 is evidence that… Read more »


Wow he is being hard on himself


Agreed. 21.5-47.9 – 50.3 in-season are crazy fast times.


Good. When you’re at that level and your fans are certain you can’t lose, you have to find ways to keep yourself humble and hungry.

Ol' Longhorn

I’d say after his 1:50 200 free immediately before this interview, it was pretty easy to be humble.

Ol' Longhorn

He hasn’t done anything since 2017, never medaled in the Olympics in an individual event, and never held a WR, so he’s appropriately hard on himself if he wants any of those things to happen.


Longhorn please tell me. How many world champ medals or American records do you have? None? Cool then you can’t talk. This is his life his sport and his swims. Trying to bring someone down doing something they love is just bad for everyone.


I don’t agree with his OL; LONGHORN either, but we’ve been over the “if you can’t do it then you can’t say anything” argument many times and why it doesn’t work.

Ol' Longhorn

12. Does that make you happier? Most of the people on here are 12 years old.


Well actually he does hold a WR in one of the mixed relays :)))

He’s gonna make you look real dumb this summer, bud…

Ol' Longhorn

With just a 100 fly gold? Don’t think so. Can’t wait to reply the predictions from everyone. This past weekend was hilarious. 1:45 in the finals of the 200 free. Rigghhhttt.


Four textile WRs in 2017, i.e., “true” WRs. Breaking the same record three times in a meet has only happened a few times.

Ol' Longhorn

Wake me up when he’s set a real world record, like Murphy has.


youre right, what a failure, he hasnt done anything in that one bad summer he had after a vehicular accident aside from multiple 47s and 50s in 100 fr/fly, world titles and american records at sc worlds, and doing some dope drumming


I don’t know… I think it’s important to keep things in perspective. Being overly harsh on yourself can have a negative impact on your mental health and can impede optimal performance. He had a not-so-good 200 free, but the other events were super good. It’s ok to say “I could’ve done better, I’m going to learn from my mistakes in this in-season meet, but some of my other events were really good”.

Michael Schwartz

Dressel enjoys his slice of humble pie with ice-cream on top.


I think they might be simulating next year’s training schedule, so they had a shorter rest at the time of trials. It would make sense to know how his body reacts, given that this is his first full season without NCAAs. So he probably wanted to be quicker at this meet. I guess he is happy with the 100 fly though 🙂

Ol' Longhorn

Exactly. Most of the U.S. pros (and for that matter world pros) are swimming fast now. This ain’t post-NCAAs training schedule.

bill till

His swims seem pretty fast don’t they?


Which pro has gone 21.5 in season this year? Not tapered? Besides Dressel?



tea rex

I wonder what he’s been doing in practice where a 47.9 in-season is “pretty bad”.


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