British Swimming Names First 38 for Olympics

Update: Britain named 7 more after ASA Nationals

British Swimming kicked off their Olympic orientation weekend today with 38 swimmers qualified for the 2012 London Olympic Games. That includes their open water swimmer Keri-Anne Payne, who qualified at the World Championships.

Even with the big standard-increase in qualifying times for this year’s meet, this is already one more than the Brits qualified for the 2008 Olympics (37). As anyone who was paying attention could probably guess, the roster has swung more towards women’s swimming since Beijing – there’s now an even split of 19 men and 19 women. In the last go-around, there were 21 men and 16 women on the roster.

So far, the number of individual swims earned is still way down from last time. In 2008, they had 48 entries; after the first of two qualifying meets the Brits have only scored 37 individual entries. This is probably a result of swimmers paring down to a more focused event schedule. That improves their chances at medals, but swimmers like Payne had two pool entries four years ago to go with the 10k, and Liam Tancock also swam the 200 IM in 2008.

The Brits are likely to pick up a few more entries at June’s ASA Championships, where swimmers can qualify in any unoccupied roster spots. Adam Brown picking up a 50 has a good shot, as could a second men’s 100 butterflier.

Below is the British roster thus far, along with their club and individual entries. “ITC” stands for “Intensive Training Center”.


  • Rebecca Adlington – Nova Centurion (400/800 freestyle)
  • Sophie Allen – Stockport ITC (200 medley)
  • Georgia Davies – Swansea ITC (100 backstroke)
  • Eleanor Faulkner – City of Sheffield (800 freestyle)
  • Ellen Gandy – Nunawading, AUS (100/200 butterfly)
  • Francesca Halsall – Loughborough ITC  (50/100 freestyle, 100m butterfly)
  • Kate Haywood – Nunawading (100 breaststroke)
  • Joanne Jackson – Loughborough ITC (400 freestyle)
  • Jemmy Lowe – Swansea ITC (200 butterfly)
  • Hannah Miley – Garioch SC (200/400 IM)
  • Keri-Anne Payne – Stockport ITC (10km open water)
  • Elizabeth Simmonds – Loughborough ITC (200 backstroke)
  • Gemma Spofforth – Florida Gators (100 backstroke)
  • Amy Smith – Loughboropugh University (100 freestyle)
  • Stacey Tadd – Bath ITC (200 breaststroke)
  • Rebecca Turner – City of Sheffield (200 freestyle)
  • Aimee Willmott – Middlesborough (400 IM)


  • Craig Benson – Warrender Baths (100 breaststroke)
  • David Davies – City of Cardiff (1500 freestyle)
  • Daniel Fogg – Loughborough ITC (1500 freestyle)
  • James Goddard – Stockport ITC (200 medley)
  • Michael Jamieson – Bath ITC (200 breaststroke)
  • Roberto Pavoni – Loughborough ITC (200 butterfly, 400 IM)
  • Robert Renwick – City of Glasgow (200/400 freestyle)
  • Michael Rock – Stockport ITC (100 butterfly)
  • Joseph Roebuck – Loughborough University (200m butterfly; 200/400 IM)
  • Daniel Sliwinski – Stockport ITC (100 breaststroke)
  • Liam Tancock – Loughborough ITC (100 backstroke)
  • Andrew Willis – Bath ITC (200 breaststroke)

Relay Only Swimmers: 


  • Caitlin McClatchey
  • Jessica Lloyd


  • Robert Bale
  • Adam Brown
  • Simon Burnett
  • Ross Davenport
  • James Disney May
  • Craig Gibbons
  • Ieuan Lloyd

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11 years ago

Too bad Payne didn’t qualify for pool events (at least a relay spot)..

And Tancock didn’t go for the relay..Can they use him still?!

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