Tenzin Choephel


"Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly." ~ John F. Kennedy

Tenzin Choephel

Tenzin is in his freshman year of diving  for the Aquamules. He is studying Economics and is an active member of campus community. He has great potential to improve and a strong sense of determination and inner-drive.

Colby College Swimming and Diving

2014 -2015

Tenzin had a great rookie season. He posted lifetime bests on the 1-meter and broke the 100 points on six dive threshold for the first time in his career. With a year of experience now under his belt, he is eagerly look forward to his future on the boards.


Tenzin is an avid fan of water polo and has played since his freshman year of high school. He is also a talented baker and chef. He loves to cook and his best dish is his key lime pie.